OAGS Gearhead Arsenal

Military: All weapons on this page except for the Melee Weapons require Firearms Training.

Experimental: All weapons on this page require fine-tuning by someone with the Technology Advantage in order to fuction. Keeping the experimental weaponry functional replaces the normal benefits of fine-tuning.

Minor Technological Items

Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Gearhead's Multiknife STR + 7 One-Handed Subtle, Blade
Gearhead's Multispinner STR + 8 One-Handed Blade or Piercing
Gearhead's Multitorch 12 One-Handed -2 stealth checks
Gearhead's Comical Pipe Wrench STR + 10 One-Handed -2 Initiative, Electric, Blunt

Multiknife - The compact multiknife resembles the Swiss army knives of old, but with a multitude of theta-engineer specific tools and a voice-recognition tool selection system. Since gearheads like to think of themselves as having a sense of humour, the command to select a tool is usually 'Go Go Gadget…' and then the tool's name.

Multispinner - Similar to the multiknife, the multispinner is a little bulkier and possesses a rotor system allowing for spinning tools such as drills and saws to be fitted. It uses the same sort of selection technology to the multiknife.

Multitorch - A hybrid welding and cutting torch with an ultimately adjustable flame that can be used for just about any purpose you could possibly put a flame to, including lighting things. Can use a high-pressure cutting blast for plain damage, or a low pressure blue flame for fire damage.

Comical Pipe Wrench - This massive and hefty chunk of metal could barely be used to fix pipes, never mind more delicate tasks. Uses a tiny cold fusion core to generate an electric field around the head of the wrench, and can be used to power objects with it's built in, windable power cables. Essentially, it is a giant, disguised battery.

Ranged Weapons

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Assault Dualie (single) 10 One-Handed Quick Draw, Subtle
Assault Dualies (double) 10 One-Handed Two Shots, Quick Draw, Subtle, +1 Hit
Assault Streamer 8 Two-handed Three Shots, +1 to hit
Assault Needler 8 Two-handed Two Shots, Pain, Quick Draw, Short Range, Piercing
Assault Shredder 10 Two-handed Three Shots, Double Soak, +1 to hit, Blade
Assault Wrecker 12 Two-handed Two Shots, +1 to hit
Shotstorm (Scatter) 15 Two-handed Triple enemy soak, area, short range
Shotstorm (Focused) 30 Two-handed Triple enemy soak, short range

Assault Dualies - Pistols made with either a opalescent futureplastic finish or made to look like retro-weapons. Two dualies count as a single Minor Technological Item.

Assault Streamer - Based on a twist on solenoid technology, the streamer packs three small EM 'rails' which launch miniaturized ammo slugs in quick rotation, affording an alarming stream of fire with zero loss of accuracy.

Assault Needler - A compact weapon designed with old needlegun technology that fires tiny barbed capsules that inject venom that causes pains similar to those experienced during a heart attack. An engineer or mechanic with the needle weapon specialty, as well as any doctor can modify the venom, changing pain to something else. If a needler is bought as an item by itself, the character can use doctor or medic in place of mechanic for proficiency.

Assault Shredder - A rifle loaded with ammo designed to shred and embed in flesh and muscle, but otherwise leave vital organs unharmed. Leaves horrific scarring, surprisingly.

Assault Wrecker - A tuned version of the streamer with more power behind its shot, but a slower rate of fire.

Shotstorm - The old favourite of farmers and terrorist-fighting forces, the shotstorm is a slight upgrade humble shotgun allowing it to fire hyper-compressed buckshot shells that decompress upon impact with immense force.

Heavy Weapons

Weapon Damage Min Strength Special Rules
Laser Lock Rifle 20 1 +5 to hit, Long Range
Overblown Machine Gun 8 3 Four Shots, +1 To Hit
Phase Annihilator 16 3 Area, Long Range, Phase
Repeaterzooka 10 4 Two Shots, Splash Damage (Difficulty increased to 5)
Plasma Penetrator 30 4 Ignore Soak, +1 to hit

Laser Lock Rifle - A hyper-powered sniper rifle that uses a laser sight that feeds information on slight movements back to the weapon's computer giving it aim that outfoxes even the most agile phantom ninjas.

Overblown Machine Gun - This hefty weapon uses a double mechanism to fire a large number of shots in a small amount of time.

Repeaterzooka - A slimmed-down old-style bazooka with an added feature that works like a drum-feed. This enables a rapid succession of shots to be fired causing havoc on the battlefield.

Phase Annihilator - Lethal and a tad unpredicatable, the annihilator fires tiny molecules of crumbling Theton waste material that generates a weak black hole a fraction of the size of a quark, causing a serious implosion that mashes everything in its blast radius together and them blasts them outwards in a powerful shockwave. If a phase weapon crits, it deals 60 damage to everything in its radius.

Plasma Penetrator - This weapon generates an intense stream of plasma that can punch through any material short of Atlantean steel.

Moderate Technological Items

These weapons are so complex and advanced that they take months for a master weaponsmith to build, and have workings and components so delicate that only those experienced with the technology that is advanced even for the theta wars can maintain. The rewards, however, are remarkable.

Weapon Damage Min Strength Special Rules
Apocalypse Pistol (Single) 8 - Two Shots, Quick Draw, One Handed
Apocalypse Pistol (Dual) 8 - Four Shots, Quick Draw
Rocket Pistol (Single) 18 - Quick Draw, -1 to Hit, One Handed
Rocket Pistol (Double) 18 - Two Shots, Quick Draw, -1 to Hit
Death Laser 15 - Two Shots, Half Soak
Pierce Rifle 32 2 Ignores Soak, +2 to Hit, Long Range, Laser
Laser Lock Turbo 30 3 Half Soak, +5 to Hit, Long Range
Phase Violator 20 3 Area, Long Range, Phase
Railbird 42 3 Long Range

Apocalypse Pistols: Paired pistols that use the same sort of rotating solenoid technology as assault streamers to provide a blistering rate of fire. Two Apocalypse Pistols count as a single Moderate Technological Item.

Rocket Pistols: This pair of bulky monstrosities can barely be considered pistols, however, pistols they are. They fire self-propelled bullets that actually speed up as they travel. Remaining propellant then explodes upon impact. Two Rocket Pistols count as a single Moderate Technological Item.

Death Laser: Similar to the Chrono Force Elite's optical lasers, but packing in more light arrays and focusing lenses to a tighter space. Death lasers are difficult to manufacture, even by IOM's standards, and even moreso to maintain.

Pierce Rifle: This long rifle uses every last millimeter of its frame to house lenses and optics that extend a powerful and deadly laser over a long, long way.

Laser Lock Turbo: A sniper rifle built from a xenotech blueprint with laser lock technology incorporated.

Phase Violator: A more compact and advanced version of the phase annihilator. Highly sought after by the alpha machine. When seen wielded by IOM machines, they are uniformly accompanied by a special arm attachment programmed with maintainence programs and explosives that are designed to destroy the weapon when the robot is disabled.

Railbird: Perhaps the most deadly weapon in any arsenal in the hughniverse. The railbird uses a long row of solenoids to propel a single tungsten slugs at supersonic speeds.