OAGS Insanity

This is very rough, as I have to go out in moments. Jotting down to come back to later


Expanded, optional rules for going insane or starting as an unhinged character.

Insane Disadvantages (Generate Insanity Points to be spent on Advantages)

Unhinged Disposition: Character Looks insane. People wont like.
The Voices: GM can suggest you do things Will to Resist
Psychopath: Will to take prisoners.
This doesn't even make sense as a sentence. I think so far in OAGS psychopathy/sociopathy is synonymous with both a complete lack of empathy and utter disregard for the sanctity of life and none of the other various facets of it, such as no inner emotion and manipulative behaviour.
No Inner Monologue: Blurts out information at bad times.
Paranoia: Everyone is out to get you. Can never follow orders from Leadership.
Book of Madness has a similar ability, where paranoia gives you immunity to surprise attacks, but that is magickal paranoia.
Mental Crutch: Unable to act rationally if separated from a given Item. (Choice between mindlessly violent and catatonic)
Big Brother: Unable to act rationally if separated from a given party member (Choice between mindlessly violent and catatonic)

Insane Benefits:
Jaded: If you would normally have to pass will to deal with some horror, you don't need to roll: either you don't comprehend or don't care.
Deathwish: As Pain Immunity
Healthy Paranoia: Most people actually are out to get you, anyway. +1 Initiative as you are always expecting to be attacked.
see above
Peer of the Insane: You can understand the ramblings and scrawls of the insane, and discern there plans and motives.
Dr. Praetorius much? Suggest: Great minds think alike.
Its Bonkers in there: Telepathy Persistence / Immunity

Idea: You start with 0 points. GM can tell you during a campaign you must now all spend 1 insanity point (A Disadvantage and an Advantage)
##blue|This may make things quite lopsided as it is now, but I realise balance is yet to be set.

Concerns: Not really balanced on a 1:1 ratio. Perhaps making Light of Serious Buizness.

Dosent stack with common Foibles.