Unarmed Combat Maneuvers

This is part of OAGS rules. Kinda.

OAGS unarmed combat maneuvers represents sophisticated close-quarters attacks based on advanced combat training, supernatural powers, or martial arts. You do not exactly have to be a martial artist to take one or more of these abilities, but they certainly help towards making a martial artist. For standard combat attacks which anyone can perform, please visit oags combat. Unarmed combat using these rules promotes a more battlefield control-oriented approach to combar, rather than high damage. Hence, there are lots of components for your abilities that attack magick use and attempt to bring your opponent under control whilst others fill them with lead/chainsaws/more fists. If high damage is more your thing, I advise picking up a rocket launcher.

To use OAGS Combat Maneuvers, you must construct seperate maneuvers using Kung Fu Points (KFP) much like special equipment. A character may know one maneuver for each point of melee they have beyond the first. You can buy 3 KFP per 2 character points. Plain text items are considered physical attributes and can be taken by anyone with arms and legs (or tentacles), and italic ones represent supernatural abilites that must have an explanation for why the character has them.

All moves have to be performed within melee range, or, if you are a giant squid, within tentacle range. They must roll melee vs defense to hit, or arcana vs defense if it uses arcana to hit. Furthermore, the body part you are striking with must be completely unarmed: no guns, knuckledusters or chainsaws are allowed. Gloves and handwraps are OK, so long as they don't try and add damage. The order in which each effect is applied or attempted to be applied must be determined upon creation of the maneuver.

Name & Description
Your move has to have a name. GMs are encouraged to award an extra KFP if all moves have cool names.

All moves have to have a type. There are three: Two-hand, one-hand, and no-hand.
Two Handed: Confers +1 to hit and damage.
One Handed: Can be used once per round with no penalty, the same move can be used subsequent times at -1 hit penalty each time. Subsequent uses limited by number of unoccupied arms.
No handed (Kick/Knee/Headbutt etc): Can be used once per round whilst holding a two-handed weapon. If you decide to fire/swing with the weapon afterwards, it takes a -1 penalty. You cannot make other unarmed attacks during a round where you use a no-hand move. As an added bonus, headbutting makes you look extra tough.

+1 to hit: 2 KFP (can take a maximum of twice)
Uses Arcana to hit instead of Melee: 2 KFP
Ignores 1 enemy armor (but not overall soak): 2 KFP

Each point of damage over normal unarmed damage (Max 6): 2 KFP
Each point of damage over normal unarmed damage beyond 6: 2 KFP
Added elemental damage (max 2): 1 KFP
Added elemental damage beyond 2: 2 KFP
Type of elemental damage must be specified upon creation. This can be changable for a cost of 3 points.

Knockback 5 feet: 1 KFP
Knockback additional 5 feet: 1 KFP
Knockback each 5 feet beyond 10 ft total: 1 KFP
Knockdown: 3 KFP
Throwbehind: 2 KFP. You can choose whether or not to finish facing your opponent as you do it. Though the component is called throwbehind, you can move the opponent adjacent to you in any direction.

Stunned for next action: 4 KFP
Blind for next action: 2 KFP
Half move for next action: 2 KFP
Lowered defense until next action: 2 KFP per point of defense.
Lowered Willpower until next action: 1 KFP per point of Willpower.
Lowered chance to hit with magick for next action: 2 KFP per point.

Each disadvantage returns the listed amount of points. You are discouraged from taking these, but who am I to stop you? :3
-1 to hit: 1 KFP.
-1 defense until next action: 1 KFP. Cannot reduce you to less than 1.
Half speed on next move: 1 KFP
- 1 to Willpower AND chance to hit with magick until and FOR next action: 1 KFP

Example Maneuvers

Choku-Tsuki - 4 KFP
A simple Karate punch that takes months to master.
+1 damage
Ignores 1 armor

Ippon-Seoi-Nagi - 5 KFP
A simple Judo throw. Ten Points!
Throwbehind (2 KFP)
Knockdown (3 KFP)

Shankle - 6 KFP
A swift and devastating blow to the ankle.
No-Hand (Kick)
+1 to hit (2 KFP)
+1 damage (2 KFP)
Half Move for next action (2 KFP)

Invincible Fist - 8 KFP
There are so many damn nazis that Sgt. Thunder can't shoot them all before they're in your grill. Good thing Mr Billy Invincible is around to hit them for six.
Ignores 2 armor (4 KFP)
+2 Damage (4 KFP)

Psychic Bounce - 10 KFP
Takeru Hikarino does his best killing at range. To ensure this condition is met, he uses psychic bounce.
Uses Arcana to hit (2 KFP)
Knockback 25 feet (6 KFP)
Half Move for next action (2 KFP)

Heretic Seal - 10 KFP
A move used by Hashshashin warriors to null a psychic's or mage's ability whilst administering a beating. Aims at pressure points on the body that hinder the channelling of magick.
Ignores 2 Armor (4 KFP)
+1 Damage (2 KFP)
Chance to hit with magick lowered by 2 for next turn (4 KFP)

Salem Kiss - 10 KFP
Named after witch hunters of Salem, Oregon. While it looks like a brutish heabutt, it targets a precise spot in the enemy's frontal lobe which momentarily scuppers the ability to use magick.
No-Hand (Headbutt)
+1 to hit (2 KFP)
Chance to hit with magick lowered by 3 for next turn (6 KFP)

Speed Choke - 8 KFP
Known favourite of Chrono Force Elite hand-to-hand specialists, this move blocks the corroted artery briefly, causing pain and blackouts.
+1 Damage (2 KFP)
Blind for next action (2 KFP)
-2 Defense until next action (4 KFP)

Fawkes' Fist - 8 KFP
That's what you get for not remembering the 5th of November…
+3 Damage (6 KFP)
+2 Fire Damage (2 KFP)