OAGS Magick Items

N.B. It's fine for characters with an excuse, however flimsy, to buy any of the magick items below as suspiciously similar (in game terms) items of advanced technology.
"Steelcloth? Why don't be absurd, I don't rely on mumbo-jumbo. This is nanofilament clothing."

Magick bullets and arrows and so on are interchangeable with other types of ammo unless otherwise stated. For example, this makes time or hellfire arrows possible.

Slightly Enchanted Items

A slightly enchanted item costs 1cp

Skymetal Brace: A small silvery node that that floats in where placed in midair. Most commonly affixed to big guns or other huge things to lighten them. Each brace affixed to an object reduces the strength required to lift and use it by 2. These take 10 minutes and a magick 1 check to affix to an item and half and hour and magick 3 check to remove, though these can be modified like rituals. The technological equivalent is called an 'anti-grav strut'.

Concussion Helm: Helmet. Allows a headbutt attack that stuns if hits. Deals double strength as damage, difficulty 5 toughness test to ignore the stun.

Enchanted Samurai Armour: This is a suit of lamellar armour, as used by 16th century samurai. It have been enchanted to offer protection superior to modern body armour. It includes a helmet.
Armour: Soak 5, Armour Penalties: -1 Athletics, Block, Dodge and Perception

Hans' Lucky Deutschmark: A simple Deutschmark from 1940. Occasionally, it falls out of your pocket, enticing you to pick it up and conveniently avoid being shot, stabbed or blown up. Once per session, add 3 to a Block or Dodge roll after you have rolled it.

Kuralov's Lucky Half Ruble: A simple soviet half ruble from 1941. Occasionally, it falls out of your pocket and rolls across the ground, momentarily grabbing the attention of one enemy of your choice. Once per session, add 3 to a Marksmanship or Melee roll after you have rolled it.

Slightly Enchanted Dagger: A knife with a faint glow. One Handed Melee Weapon, STR+2 damage, +1 extra damage on a crit or takedown (before it is doubled). -1 stealth rolls to avoid being seen in darkness. Subtle.

Steelweave Patched Jacket: Steelweave is a lifesaver, but can be expensive to buy. This jacket is a comprimise between protection and price - steel weave is sewn in under the lining of the jacket somewhat protecting vital areas, but leaving others exposed. 2 Soak.

Minor Magick Items

A minor magick item costs 3cp

Amulet of Exorcism: This is a gold amulet that casts out any spirit possessing a body in contact with it. If worn in contact with the skin, it protects the wearer from possession.

Black Sickle: This sickle is made from blacked metal with an ebony handle. In the hands of anyone without the Ghost Touch advantage, it is merely a mundane sickle, though sharp and combat-ready (treat as a sword). When held by a being with Ghost Touch Advantage, it does 12 extra levels of damage against incorporeal enemies and ignores their soak. Against corporeal enemies, the Black Sickle has no special effect.

Boots of Leaping: While worn, these boots grant the wearer the Leaping Advantage and a +2 bonus to Athletics.

Cloak of Invisibility: While worn makes the wearer Invisible per the Invisibility Supernatural Power.

Enchanted Dog Whistle: A silent silver whistle, when blown causes all canine creatures who can hear it to come running. Once at your feet, they will obey your orders to the best of their abilities. To dismiss the dogs, blow the whistle again. While in possession this whistle, dogs and wolves will refuse to attack you, but felines will be utterly disgusted with you, yowling and hissing at your presence. More dangerous felines, such as tigers, will actively take risks to kill you.

Magickal Bow: Ranged Weapon: Double Strength +8 Damage, Two-handed, +2 to hit.

Magickal Plate Mail: Armour: Soak 8, Armour Penalties: -1 Athletics, Dodge, Block and Perception

Magickal Shield: Shield: +3 Dodge, +3 Block

Magickal Sword1: Melee Weapon: Strength +4 Damage, One-handed, +2 to hit, +1 Block, (Blade).

Mindward Ring: Grants the wearer +4 to Willpower.

Muspellthrum Greataxe2: This two-handed axe is made from the metal muspellthrum. Only its surface is metal, and its core is molten. The wielder suffers 5 points of Fire Damage every round they hold the axe. Melee Weapon: Double Strength +16 Damage, Two-handed, -1 Block, (Blade, Fire). Withouts take no Damage from wielding it.

Niflthrum Greathamer2: This two-handed war hammer is made from the metal niflthrum. Vapour steams from it as it moves about in the air. The wielder suffers 5 points of Cold Damage every round they hold the axe. Melee Weapon: Double Strength +16 Damage, Two-handed, -1 Block, (Blunt, Cold). Withouts take no Damage from wielding it.

Panacea Ring: Grants the wearer the ability to use Lesser Healing.

Protective Talisman(archaic): Grants wearer Immunity(blades)

Protective Talisman(modern): Whenever a bullet(not including shotgun shells) from a conventional firearm would hit the wearer of this talisman, the gun jams. A character with Firearms Training can clear this jam as part of his next attack; other characters must take an action to do so.

Ring of Flames: Ranged Weapon: 12 Fire Damage, One-handed, Subtle

Spectral Pistol: A small and easily concealed weapon enchanted so that shots fired from it ignore all air resistance and simply pass through any armor the target wears. Ranged Weapon: 10 damage, ignores soak, quick draw, subtle.

Steelcloth: Armour: Soak 4, no armour penalties.

The Coward's Gun: Unique item. This is Jack McCall's gun, with which Hickok was shot. Firearm: 10 Damage, Two-handed, Quick Draw, Subtle, can strike incorporeal targets. Characters with Firearms Training can use it as a one-handed weapon. Gains +3 to hit when dual weilded with the Hero's Gun.

The Hero's Gun: Unique item. This was one of Wild Bill Hickok's gun. It is unknown if his other gun was enchanted or where it might be in the world. Firearm: 9 Damage, Two-handed, Quick Draw, +1 to hit, can strike incorporeal targets. Characters with Firearms Training can use it as a one-handed weapon. Gains an additional +2 to hit when dual weilded with the Coward's Gun.

Moderate Magick Items

A moderate magick item costs 6cp

Atlantean Sword3: Atlantean swords are straight-edged, extremely sharp swords made of Atlantean steel and heavily enchanted. Known Atlantean blades include Durandal, Curtana, Joyeuse and Gram, as well as the Atlantean Kingblades which has other enchantments as well.

Melee Weapon: Strength +6 Damage, One-handed, +4 to hit, +2 Block, (Blade).

Damping Stone: A small purple stone(which can be set into jewelry) that repels magick. The wearer benefits from a +4 bonus to any roll to resist a Supernatural Power, a Ritual or a Magick Item(such as the Willpower roll to avoid the effects of Mind Control or the Defence roll to avoid a supernatual attack).

In addition, beings whose nature includes being a Vampire or Magickally Altered(but not Psychics, Werewolves, Angels or similarly naturally supernatural beings) suffer severe headaches when within 5 feet of the wearer, inflicting a -4 penalty to all their rolls.

Lastly, some of these stones are set into pieces of jewelry enchanted to render the wearer vulnerable to telepathy. The wearer of such jewelry automatically fails any Willpower test to resist Telepathy, Mind Reading, Mind Control or Combat Telepathy. Such is a favourite trick of a couple of telepathic jewelers or rare item dealers, who sell the ring for its magick dampening qualities, and then use their powers to ream them of every last penny they have.

Hashshashin Drugs: When smoked, these potent magickal herbs make the smoker faster, stronger and more resilient. For an hour after taking these drugs, the character enjoys a +2 bonus to Strength and Toughness and a +1 bonus to Athletics, Block, Dodge and Melee.

Mage Hunter: A wooden longbow with a silver thread that gleams in the sunlight. Ranged Weapon: 12 + Twice Strength Damage, Two-Handed, +2 to hit. When used against a target that has magickal alterations, it grants an additional +2 to hit(for a total of +4) and ignores soak. Allows holder to see magickal alterations only in auras. Can be combined with magickal arrows.

Multipass: A laminated and somewhat well-worn piece of paper with photo ID and a few credentials. If a person resembling the one depicted on the multipass shows it to anyone and says it's activation word, they make a socialise check +1 against the observer's willpower. If the viewer fails, they truly believe that the holder is allowed access to all areas and information they request, and that they know better than to question this. This item does not work on telepath or mad scientist type psychics. Penalties apply for circumstances such as when alarms have been raised against you or you're an identified multipasser.

Major Magick Items

A major magick item costs 9cp

Atlantean Weather Orb: Grants holder Greater Elemental Manipulation(Air) and Immunity(Electricity)

Flaming Sword: Melee Weapon: Strength +16 Damage, Two-handed, +2 to hit, +2 Block, +2 Dodge (Blade, Fire).

Hamm'r of the Gods: When the world is in danger, Thor, protector of man, chooses a champion from amongst the mortals and gifts him with a sacred hammer, smithed in the fires of Muspellheim and tempered by the breath of Skadi the mountain queen. Two Handed Melee Weapon: Double Strength + 10 damage. +3 strength and toughness. It can also be used as a throwing weapon which returns to the user's hands the same round it was thrown. Whenever this hammer is swung or thrown, thunder rumbles loudly in the sky above it.

Rod of Devastation: A rod of silver metal with a hexagonal section at the top. The hexagonal section must be spun with one hand while the rod is held in the other to make the rod fire. Ranged Weapon: 32 Damage, Two-handed.

Sin & Shamash: Pairs of knuckleblades awarded to elite monastic orders in Babylonian times, the ritual to enchant them still exists today. Must be used as a pair, otherwise they follow the rules for mundane knives. Two Handed Melee Weapon: Strength +8, subtle, two shots, OR Double Strength +16, fire. Holding Sin grants +2 Melee, holding Shamash grants +2 Block. Holding both grants +2 Athletics.

Knife of Duty: The ordinary appearance of this combat knife belies the terrifying potency of the magick with which it is imbued. One-handed Normal Melee Blade Weapon; Subtle, Quick Draw, Ignores Soak, Strength +16 Damage. Special: Once per session you may interrupt the action of an enemy, in melee range, who is attacking you to make a single basic attack against them with this weapon; you do not need to be holding the weapon at the time, it must simply be available on your person.


1 Other Magickal Weapons are as a Melee Weapon with +2 to Damage, +2 to hit and +1 to Block. For instance, a Magickal Axe would be; Melee Weapon: Strength +6 Damage, One-handed, +2 to hit.
2 Other Melee Weapons can be crafted of Muspelthrum and Niflthrum. They do an extra 10 points of Damage and add either the Fire or Cold special rule respectively. They deal 5 Fire or Cold Damage to wielder every round
3 Although the Atlanteans favored straight-edged swords, other Atlantean weapons could exist. Treat them as a Melee Weapon with +4 Damage, +4 to hit and +2 to Block. For instance, an Atlantean Axe would be; Melee Weapon: Strength +8 Damage, One-handed, +4 to hit, +1 to Block.