Mental Disadvantages

[Ability] Ineptitude: -1cp
The character is absolutely blunderous at some specific activity. Perhaps they are cursed, all thumbs or just stupid, but usually it is down to a psychological block. Select a particular Ability and a certain circumstance or use of that Ability. Under those circumstances, the character treats that Ability as being two points lower. For example, a character might have Socialise Ineptitude (Intimidation) to make an otherwise social character rubbish at bullying the information out of someone, or Willpower Ineptitude (Telepathy) to make a more strong-willed character relatively helpless against telepathic intervention. Inappropriate uses for this ability include things like Melee Inteptitude (Axes) and the like that are easily avoidable on your part.

Can't Drive: -1cp
All OAGS characters are assumed to have the ability to drive and have a valid driving license in their home country. Your character has neither. They can't even attempt to drive, since they don't even have any idea how to start the car or change gear.

Computer Illiterate: -1cp
The character cannot use a computer. Even basic tasks like online shopping, emailing or using a word processor are impossible for him

Ding Dong!: -1cp, possibly -2cp
The character is easily distracted by the ladies (or the chaps) and finds it hard to say no to all but the most offensive specimen. To that character, all characters of the sex he is interested in are attractive to him, unless they are already ugly. If they are already attractive, they gain an additional +2 to any and all socialise checks (even such as telepathy) against that character. If your character is walking orgy, you can buy this at double cost for both sexes.

Illiterate: -2cp
The character cannot read or write. Illiterate includes the Computer Illiterate Disadvantage.

Foible: -1cp or -2cp
The character has a quirk, habit, eccentricity or compulsion. For 1 point, it is a minor inconvenience, such as always having to wear a clean suit, never breaking an oath or only ever using a single kind of weapon. For 2 points, it is a large disadvantage, such as always fighting unarmed or never making use of stealth or trickery.

Major Foibles should cause the character to make sub-optimum decisions at least once per session.