OAGS N Arsenal

Special Rule: N's Magickal Items can be treated as Technological Weapons for the purposes of the High Tech Arsenal Advantage.

Minor Technological Items

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Stormwand 10 Two-handed Quick Draw, Subtle, Electical, Fires Pain Ammo
Plasma Stormgun (sawn-off) 12 Two-handed No Soak, Quick Draw, Short Range, Fire, -1 to hit
Plasma Stormgun 12 Two-handed No Soak, Short Range, Fire
Sunbeam Razor 20 Two-handed No Soak, Fire
Ion-Pulse Rifle Special Two-handed Long-Range, Fire, +2 to hit

Stormwand - This is a standard looking pistol with tiny prayers to Slei engraved upon it. Nevertheless, its functioning is purely technological. It fires ammo that shatters on imapct, its pieces embedding into the victim's body. Each fragment then continues to shoot great jolts of electricity periodically, renergising themselves via kinesis. Stormwands can be fired one-handed by characters with Firearms Training.

Ion-Pulse Rifle - The Ion-Pulse Rifle fires a shot which becomes more powerful as it travels. It does Damage equal to the distance in metres between the shooter and the target, to a maximum of 25. The Ion-Pulse Rifle is a Military Weapon.

Plasma Stormgun - An improvement of the traditional shotgun design improved to use the plasma ammo that N loves so much. Can be converted to a sawn-off variety. Sawn-off Plasma Stormguns can be fired one-handed by characters with Firearms Training.

Sunbeam Razor - Often and erroniously referred to as a "sunbeam laser", the Sunbeam Razor is a highly focused stream of plasma that can cut through tanks in seconds. The Sunbeam Razor is a Military Weapon.

Heavy Minor Technological Items

Weapon Min Strength Damage Handedness Special Rules
Plasma Launcher 3 12 Two-handed Area, No Soak, Fire, Indirect Fire
Fusion Hammer 5 30 Two-handed Short Range, No Soak, Fire
Fusion Hammer (Ejection) 5 30 Two-handed Area, No Soak, Fire
Cold Stare 5 12 Two-handed Area, Stuns (Difficulty 5), Cold

Plasma Launcher - A hefty construction made from extrasolar metals and technology centuries ahead of our own, it fires large clumps of plasmo-reacting materials with the option of either direct or indirect fire.

Fusion Hammer - A large cannon that houses a fusion core powerful enough to light a whole town for a year. It releases short, sharp bursts of its energy which vapourizes tanks and robots. As a last-ditch attempt, it can set the core to a meltdown state and lunch it away for a devastating explosion.

Cold Stare - One of the few and exciting new technologies in the Chatuth's pre-biological portfolio, the cold stare launches specially engineered bacteria which cause rapid cooling reactions when introduced to nitrogen. Now if they could only get them to not die within 10 seconds of exposure to oxygen.

Moderate Technological Items

Plasma Rifle 12 Two-handed No Soak, Two Shots, Fire

Plasma Rifle: An assault rifle that fires small balls of plasma, the plasma rifle burns straight through any and all armour.

Minor Magickal Items

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
N Magick Sword +4 One-handed Blade, +1 Block, +2 Hit
Morning Thunder +10 One-handed Electric, Half Soak, -1 Block
Spear of Fate (Spear) +8 Two-handed Silver, +1 Block, +1 Hit
Spear of Fate (Staff) +7 Two-handed Wooden, Nonlethal, +1 Block, +1 Hit

N Magick Sword - Made with an ancient ritual revised by Psid himself, N are able to produce magickal swords in large quantities
Morning Thunder - A weapon designed to obliterate Industrial OM and the Alpha Machine's snooping goons. This Morningstar incorporates a dynamo that fires jolts of electricity down its spikes when swung.
Spear of Fate - A staff engraved with patterns and prayers associated with Suoea. Twisting a certain part of the shaft causes a silvered spear to pop out of the end or retract back in.