OAGS Ogawa

Ogawa Hatsuharu
A human girl literally designed from the ground up, incorporating aspects of An'Tak genome, exotic xeno-materials and the most sophisticated human bionics far ahead of her time. Ogawa is a specialised agent designed to hunt and destroy the members of the Alpha Machine, a secretive cyber-cult permeating the Japanese underground occult and criminal culture. She has been fitted with a stolen Alpha Machine special issue cortex implant, allowing her to engage with members of the Machine without been spotted. It also conveniently removes all those meddling emotions and humanity that would only distract a constructed girl who has no need for them.

Character Points: 75 (61) (17)

Block: 4
Dodge: 5
Marksmanship: 4
Melee: 6
Strength: 10
Toughness: 10

Athletics: 8
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 6
Socialize: 2
Stealth: 6
Willpower: 2

Hit Points: 50
Weapon: Fists of Steel (10 damage each), Atsteel Baton (26 damage)
Armour: Unbreakable Body (8 soak)


  • Immunity: Telepathy
  • Slightly Enchanted Item (Salvaged 4' Atlantean Steel Pole)
  • Natural Armor 8
  • Spy
  • Technology 2
  • Technology Focus (Security Systems)
  • Leaping
  • Fast 1
  • Resistance: Pain


  • Major Foible: Void of Emotions
  • Minor Foible: Psychopathic Behaviour