OAGS Olivia Anderson-Fitt

Olivia Anderson-Fitt
Character Points: 70

Defence: 9(10 with Swords of Fitt)
Marksmanship: 5
Melee: 8(9 with swords, 10 with Swords of Fitt)
Strength: 7
Toughness: 7

Athletics: 8
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 8
Socialize: 3
Willpower: 4

Hit Points: 35
Weapons: Swords of Fitt(16 Damage, two attacks), Lunge with Sword of Fitt(32 Damage, counts as a critical hit), Spin with Sword of Fitt (16 Damage, strikes all enemies next to you) or Throwing Knives(8 Damage, Subtle, Two Attacks)
Armour: Silksteel Clothing(Soak 4)


  • Dabbler(Animate Hands, Lesser Sigil of Light Against Darkness, Scrying, Seal Portal, Ward Against Ghosts)
  • Fast 3(Speed 20)
  • Jump 3
  • Martial Artist(Lunge, Spin, Counter-attack)
  • Minor Magick Item(Silksteel Clothing)
  • Moderate Magick Item(Swords of Fitt)
  • Weapon Specialist(sword)


  • Computer Illiterate
  • Minor Foible(compulsive exercise)
  • Wanted