Physical Disadvantages

Addiction: -1 or –2cp
The character is addicted to some substance and will experience withdrawal symptoms if deprived of it. This Disadvantage is worth 1cp if the substance can be acquired easily, such as cigarettes or alcohol and worth 2cp if it can only be acquired illegally or at great expense, such as heroin or crushed diamonds.

Allergy: -1cp
The character is acutely allergic to some substance. The substance is a rank 3 poison to them, even if they are immune to poisons otherwise. If the substance is already poisonous to the character, add 3 to it's rank. A character may not have an allergy to something which is already a rank 3 or higher poison to them.

Bad Vision: -1cp
The character's vision is very poor and he needs glasses to correct it. When not wearing glasses or contact lenses, the character treats even fully light areas as having dim light and treats dim areas as dark.

Photophobia: -2cp
The character's eyes are much more used to darkness and they are overall more comfortable out of light. When in bright daylight, they are at -1 perception and marksmanship. When suddenly exposed to bright light they are blinded for three rounds.

Blind: -2cp
The character is blind. He cannot read anything but brail, nor can he use most computers (Blind characters do not receive any points back for being Illiterate or Computer Illiterate). He automatically fails any purely visual Perception checks and suffers a -2 penalty to all Perception checks partially based on sight (that is, most of them). The character is not sight-dependent.

Deaf: -2cp
The character is deaf. He is unable to understand speech unless he has the Lip Reading Advantage and automatically fails any sound-based Perception check

Missing Hand: -1cp/hand
The character is missing one of his hands. A one-handed weapon can be attached to the stump and used normally.

Missing Arm: -3cp
The character is missing an arm. The character may only use one-handed weapons and cannot dual wield or use a shield.

Characters missing both arms entirely are not appropriate PCs.

Missing Leg: -2cp/leg
The character is missing one or both legs. A character missing one leg takes a –3 penalty to all Athletics checks, which is reduced to –1 with a prosthetic. A character missing both legs takes a –6 penalty, which can be reduced to –2 with a wheel chair.

Characters with Flight take no penalty from not having legs, but also do not receive any points back for taking the Disadvantage.

Mute: -2cp
The character cannot speak intelligibly. If he wishes to communicate, he must write, sign or communicate through telepathy.

Ugly: -1cp
The character is exceptionally ugly. This may influence some people’s reactions to him negatively.