OAGS Psychoreactive Items

These items are largely technological, using various methods of interfacing with psychic powers.

Disadvantage items.

These cost -2cp. Obviously no one would voluntarily take these, so usually they are forced onto the recipitant.

Cerebretiapine Beta: This drug was developed by Francis Smith to control otherwise unrestrained psychics that the agency encounters. This drug lowers the patient's perception by 1 and makes them act sluggish and dozy. Reportedly a horrible drug to experience, but thankfully stops any psychosis suffered as a result of their psychic abilities. Psychics on cerebretiapine as considered to have 3 less willpower, socialise and intelligence for the purposes of using psychic powers. They are also counted as having 3 more willpower to resist them.

Slightly Psychoreactive Items

These cost 1cp. Some require the user just to have a psychic nature, some require them to be a certain kind of psychic.

Juji-Jimi Psychic Variety Tool: Sold as a common multi-tool in the hardware stores of 2030's Japan and later, the world. About the size of a can of pringles, but a bit slimmer, this system encased in black plastic contains a wide variety of adjustable tools that can be accessed and assembled through a variety of latches, catches and compartments. To any ordinary user, it is an extremely complicated tool that can take a month to get to grips with and more to master. However, a psychoreactive filament at its core powers its true utility. When used by a psychic, this item senses the tool they wish to use, at what size or caliber, and provides limited control over its workings. It even draws power from them without draining the battery, circumventing EMP interference. Any job performed by a psychic using a 'Juji' is completed 20% faster.

The Quintessentiallist's Spellbook: A rare find, and rightly so, since few psychics take the care to learn magick when they have powers of their own. This spellbook makes a psychic sorcerer's life much, much easier. Its owner always knows where it is at all times, can lock and unlock it with a thought, and project runes and circles drawn it onto a floor for easy tracing. Somehow, it always falls open on the page of spell you want to look at. As an emergency measure, its owner can completely erase some or all of its contents with a thought from anywhere in the world. This book never seems to have a fixed number of pages, but can always store the details of five rituals and no more. Rituals cast using this book are cast 20% faster.

Minor Psychoreactive Items.

These cost 3cp. Some require the user just to have a psychic nature, some require them to be a certain kind of psychic.

Beta Field Armor: Requires either telekinetic or telepath. This is a suit of full kevlar and a helmet that gathers up the secondary (beta) psychic waves that are otherwise wasted and reroutes them for protective purposes. Increases soak by 2 and grants Immunity: Telepathy.