OAGS Special Ammunition

All bullets are balanced on the assumption of two shots per round. Sniper variants exist of all of these and do an additional +1 (for slight ammos) or +4 (for minor ammos) damage. Arrow variants should work like sniper variants. Three-shot per round weapons/combinations of weapons will run out of special ammo in the middle of fights. People using a single pistol or hunting rifle will not be getting their points worth if they buy special ammo.

Regular Bullets

Can be made out of silver, gold, iron or similar in order to take advantage of the weaknesses of werewolves, fae and similar. Note that bullets cannot be made which exploit the vampiric weakness to wood.

Slightly Technological Bullets

Armour Piercing Bullets: aka Wullets - Special issue ammunition made of a hard metal like tungsten and coated with Teflon to protect the barrel. A weapon loaded with armour-piercing ammo grants: -1 Damage, Halves Enemy Soak. Not compatible with shotguns.

Hollow Point Bullets: Bullets with a hollow point ringed with tiny grooves designed to shatter upon impact and get under the skin. Favoured by gangs. A weapon loaded with hollow points grants: +3 Damage, Doubles Enemy Soak. Not compatible with shotguns.

Incendiary Bullets: Special bullets designed to burst into flames upon impact. +1 Damage. Deals Fire Damage.

Phosphorous Shells: Special shotgun shells containing phosphorous and mirrored buckshot that produce a bright flash of light when fired, principally directed at the target. -3 Damage. Blinds.

Minor Magick Bullets

Hellfire Bullets: Special ammunition made by The Agency, and chiefly Maurice Colverston-Fitt. Grants +4 Damage. N.B. Does not do fire damage

Magickal Bullets: Special ammunition made and peddled by Earth-bound Shrekes. Grants +2 Damage, +2 to hit.

Spirit Bullets: Special ammunition originally made by Native American sorcerers and now in short supply. This ammunition is distinguished by the animal forms engraved on it. Grants +1 Damage, +1 to Hit. It grants a further +3 to Hit when shooting ropes, chains, pulleys, locks, latches, pinning bolts, things held between people's lips or teeth, buttons or switches, glass panes, sprinklers, security cameras and the like with, generally, an effect favourable to the firer. Additionally, the bullets will ignite any flammable substances they impact or pass through, provided there is oxygen for the fire to burn.

Time Bullets: Special ammunition deployed chiefly by the Time Nazis +2 Damage, +1 to hit. Additionally, if the firer is a free agent, they may elect to delay the effects of pain, injury and even sensation of the bullets by up to five minutes or until they decide to 'set them off'. Time bullets ignore time distortion based force fields and defense mechanisms, such as the temporal decrepitation device carried by Heinrich Himmler, the graviton defense module used by Hugh Charlesworthy and the distortion generators used by HACS.

Minor Technological Bullets

Armour Cracker Bullets: Futuristic ammunition designed to penetrate armour. Grants +2 Damage and ignores half of the enemy's soak.

Muspellthrum Bullets: Unusual and rare ammunition made with a metal that is always glowing hot. Grants +4 Damage and ignores half of the enemy's soak. Weapon's damage type becomes fire. After firing, it releases a burning back draft that does 4 magickal fire damage (no soak allowed) to the firer.

Shredder Bullets: Futuristic ammunition designed to devastate organic material. Grants +6 Damage and the "Double Enemy Soak" quality.

Niflthrum Bullets: Unusual and rare ammunition made with a metal that is constantly surrounded with a freezing mist. Grants +8 Damage and "Double Enemy Soak" quality. Weapon's damage type becomes cold. After firing, it releases an icy back draft that does 4 magickal cold damage (no soak allowed) to the firer.

Pain Flechettes: Ammunition developed and used by the Time Nazis. Any successful hit from a pain flechette inflicts a -1 pain penalty to all action, which stacks with any other pain penalties the victim is suffering from. Pain Ammo is Non-Lethal, though extremely horrible.

Seeker Rockets: Your rockets, grenades etc for a certain weapon are loaded with tiny microchipped systems which recognise pre-programmed target types and seek them out. They gain a +4 to hit a certain kind of target, but if it cannot find a viable target, it flies upwards and blows up safely in the sky. The assistance can be switched on and off as an attack action. Choose between humanoids & primates, four legged targets, standard vehicles & robots, planes & other flying machines and sea vessels.

Moderate Technological Bullets

Turbo Rounds: Trilian high-tech bullets blast through armour and shred flesh with equal efficiency. Grants +6 Damage and the "Half Enemy Soak" quality. It is probably the pinnacle of solid projectile technology.