Supernatural Disadvantages

Being of Darkness: -2cp
The character is a being of Darkness. In addition to being more vulnerable to certain magickal effects, they cannot approach a holy symbol and step onto holy ground without making a Willpower check. If they fail the Willpower check and are forced to approach, they enter a catatonic state and will not awaken until they are at least 15 feet away.

Holy Item Difficulty
Bible, Koran or Torah 3
Holy symbol of an Abrahamic religion 4
Church, mosque or synagogue 5
Individual with True Faith 6
Cathedral or equivalent 7
Relic of a saint or prophet 8
Jerusalem, Vatican City or Mecca 9
Relic of Christ, Moses or Mohammed 10

Magick Sensitive: -1cp
There is something about you that attracts magick, mostly for the worse. All magick attacks used against you suffer from high chance of critical failure (causes a critical fail on a roll of -, -, -, rather than all four.). Rituals that include you as a target or caster are subject to high critical failure and possible catastrophe. If you are struck in melee by a without through any means, you also take additional, seperate damage equal to their willpower, with no soak allowed.

Regenerative Substance: -1 to 5cp
Requires Lesser Regeneration, Regeneration, or Major regeneration. The character's regeneration is tied to the consumption or application of a specific substance. Examples include gin & tonic, milk, sandwiches, chunks of iron, mammal or reptile blood.
This grants 1 point back if it is tied to lesser regeneration, 2 points if tied to regeneration and 4 points if tied to major regeneration. For 1 extra point back, it can be tied to something very specific or rare, such as yak's milk, baloney cheese and pickle sandwiches, chunks of pure silver, arterial an'tak blood, and so on.

Weakness: -2cp
The character is especially vulnerable to some particular hazard. When dealt damage by this hazard, they takes twice as much damage, before soak.

For -2cp, the character is vulnerable to one of the following;

  • Fire Damage
  • Cold Damage
  • Electricity Damage
  • Corrosive Damage
  • Laser Damage
  • Weapons of a certain material (Lead, Steel, Iron, Gold, Silver, Wood etc.)

Uncontrolled Werewolf: -15cp
The character is an uncontrolled werewolf. This includes the Disadvantages Allergy(wolfsbane) and Weakness(silver). During the new moon, he suffers from severe depression and lethargy, imposing a -2 penalty to all rolls.

When hungry, angry, afraid, aroused or otherwise stressed, the character may transform into wolf-form. In some circumstances a successful Willpower check can prevent this.

Stimulus Difficulty
No food for 12 hours, angry enough to yell, fearing humiliation 3
No food for 24 hours, angry enough to throw a punch, fearing injury, smell of blood, sight of a transformed werewolf 6
No food for 48 hours, angry enough to kill, fighting to the death 9
Within 4 days of a new moon -2
Within 36 hours of a new moon No transformations
Within 4 days of a full moon +2 (automatic transformation if this raises the difficulty above 10)
Within 36 hours of a full moon +5 (automatic transformation if this raises the difficulty above 10)

Transformation is fast, counting as a free action. While in wolf-form, the character enjoys +5 to Perception, Strength and Toughness, +2 to Athletics and the Natural Weapon, Regeneration and Pain Resistant Advantages. He suffers the Animal Intelligence, Minor Foible(bloodlust), Mute, No Hands and Nonhuman Appearance Disadvantages. His Block, Dodge, Melee and Willpower become 5 and his Marksmanship and Socialize become 1.

If the character is a PC, he is controlled by the GM while in wolf-form.