OAGS Supernatural Martial Arts

Taking Supernatural Martial Arts requires training in martial arts. It also prefers that you have access to supernatural abilities, such as magick advantages, psychic nature, or are a certain kind of xenoform, though it is likely that the sum of your supernatural abilites are contrained with in supernatural martial arts.

A character with the Supernatural Martial Artist Advantage may use a Supernatural Martial Arts manuever as a combat action. Manuevers use the entirity of the body and so are not "handed".

Though the manevers are organised into schools, you can by all means mix and match your own style.

Fist of the Five Elements

The five elements of Chinese legend have been a heavy focus of martial arts meditation. Fist of the Five is a balanced style incorporating more direct and unsubtle uses of the five elements.

Earthbreaker Shards
For a brief moment, your hands turn into sharp splinters, thorns and brambles, breaking holes in the toughest armor.
Damage: 10 + Double Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: Ignores Soak, Attacks count as wooden.

Shock Pound
You vent a fiery shockwave, hitting those around you.
Damage: 8 + Strength
Attacks: 1 against each adjacent enemy.
Special Rules: Attacks count as fire.

Steel Hands
You hands take upon the cold hardness of shining steel.
Damage: 6 + Strength
Attacks: 2
Special Rules: Attacks count as Cold Iron. Martial Artist is at +2 to hit.

Embrace of Earth
You bear an almighty weight down upon your hapless victim.
Damage: Double Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: This attack can only be made while pinning someone and automatically hits. This attack also maintains the pinning.

Tsunami Drill
With a leap and a yell, you smash into your opponent, sending them hurtling.
Damage: 8 + Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: This attack is made while moving into melee. If it hits, the target is thrown back a distance of (your strength OR toughness - their toughness * 5) and is knocked prone.

Romance of the Sky

The sun, moon, stars and sky are a source of much mystical contemplation. The practitioners of this style spend much time in meditation and reverence of that which is truly always without question with us and above us. The attacks of this style target the inherent and unforgivable weaknesses of the mortal shell.

Shooting Star Strike
A fast strike targeting the connections to the optic nerve.
Damage: 4 + Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: Target is blinded for the next 2 rounds on a successful strike. Must be done at the start of combat. The martial artist automatically goes first in initiative order. If two characters with either Shooting Star Strike or Quick Draw both use them, they determine initiative normally between the two of them.

Air Reach
You reach into your opponent's body as if their skin and bone weren't there, grab something, and wrench it out in a gory display.
Damage: 16 + Twice Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: -

Nerve Shock
Manipulating certain pressure points and static electricity, you send raucous electrical sensations up and down your victim's body.
Damage: 8 + Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: Target's defense is lowered by 1 until end of combat. This maneuver stacks with itself and other defense lowering abilities.

Rising Sun
After a calculated fall, you jump up with a fiery punch.
Damage: 6 + Strength.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: The martial artist must be prone or gone to ground to use this manuever. He the rises to his feet as part of the attack. Does fire damage.

Moonlight Meditation
Your mind reaches into the darkness and guides you to the target.
Damage: 8 + Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: No penalties for attacking invisible or hidden targets. No penalties for attacking when blinded or in darkness, or when you otherwise can't see.

Wolf-Man Apotheosis

Codified by the elders of Clawed Hand Brotherhood, Wolf-Man Apotheosis is an advanced martial art designed to synergise with natural weapons, and aid in control of their wolf form. It is an outgrowth from and perfection of Clawed Hand Style.

From both claws in the air, you bring them down together in a V-shape in a devastating attack.
Damage: 8 + Double Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: Target makes a toughness test against the melee check you rolled. If they fail, they fall prone.

Spinning Rip
From both claws held just below your waist, you enter a spin in which you lash your enemies brutally.
Damage: 7 + Strength
Attacks: 1 against each adjacent enemy, automatically hits and crits if they are prone.
Special Rules: Requires natural weapon.

Leaping Slash
With inertia from a spin or turn, you slice at your opponent, leap over them, and then deliver the pain to their back.
Damage: 8 + Strength
Attacks: 2
Special Rules: After the first attack, you move to the other side of your target, and hit them a second time with +2 to hit.

Rabid Rush
You force your opponent to the ground and tear into them.
Damage: 13 + Double Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: This attacks forces the enemy to prone and automatically starts a pin.

Rip and Tear!
In a gory display of calculated cruelty, you bite down into your opponent's vital organs as they are pinned helpless to defend.
Damage: Strength + 1/2 Strength
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: You regenerate hitpoints equal to 1/2 your strength. Target must be pinned by you. Requires natural weapon.