OAGS Time Nazi Arsenal

Minor Technological Items

Ranged Weapons

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Pain Rifle 8 Two-handed Two Shots, Fires Pain Ammo
Rail Luger 15 Two-handed Quick Draw
Blitzengranate 10 Two-handed Halves Soak, Area
Panzergranate 20 Two-handed No Soak
Führy 7 Two-handed Three Shots, Quick Draw, +1 to hit
Dual Führies 7 Two-handed Five Shots, Quick Draw, Minimum Strength 4

Pain Rifle - This semi-automatic rifle fires tiny spines that stick deep into the victim's flesh where they release a crippling acid that causes horrific pain. Useful for the frequent occasions that the Time Nazis want someone alive. The Pain Rifle is a Military Weapon.

Solenoid Parabellum - Coloquially the 'Rail Luger', this reworking of the old german favourite utilises a super-miniturized solenoid to fire a heftier calibre bullet than its 20th century progenitor. Characters with Firearms Training may use a Rail Luger one-handed.

Führy - A special SMG that can unleash an unusually large amount of bullets before losing accuracy to recoil. Dual Führies count as a Moderate Technological Item

Blitzengranate - A weighty grenade that produces a focused explosive blast used for fighting IOM robots and heavily armored enemies.

Panzergranate - A frisbee shaped grenade that can be thrown beneath tanks and vehicles. Produces an intense upward-blasting plasma payload. Can be set as a landmine.

Both types of grenade are Military Weapons.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Einvolk Monoblade +6 One-handed Halves Soak, +1 to hit, Blade
Fiend Glove +8 One-handed Piercing
Ripper Saw +16 Two-handed -1 Melee and Block, Crazy Man's Burden

Einvolk Monoblade - A simple, classy and very finely balanced mono-edged sword designed for classy officer duels.

Fiend Glove - This is a gauntlet made out of thick synthmetals and hyperplastics which ends mid-forearm and has a system of workings that reaches the shoulders. The tips of the fingers are sharp but the palms are flat. Anyone using a fiend glove to try a naked crush or hold onto anything counts as having 4 more points of strength to do so. Anyone wearing a fiend glove can still hold other items in that hand, though the fiend glove grants no bonuses to its use. The fiend glove makes fine manipulation with the fingers impossible.

Ripper Saw - A monstrosity of a weapon, only the most psychopathic of all Time Nazis have any intentions of getting near one of these things. Though intensely damaging, the bizarre configuration of motors, rotors and moving things seem to give it a mind of its own. When you roll to hit, refer to the crazy man's burden table.

Crazy Man's Burden

Dice Hit Miss
More + than - Second swing at random enemy Second swing at random ally
More - than + Hits all adjacent combatants Wielder Knocked Prone
All Blank Critical Hit Weapon Breaks
Equal + and - Normal Hit Normal Miss