OAGS Dynamic Rituals

Yo. Was thinking about the whole getting rituals a bit more used. Throwing a bit of a think tank here.

Do you do voodoo?

One suggestion is to add in more half-ritual, half-action type dealies like oags Victor Mbutu. These would be two part rituals, the first part concerned with using a ritual to create an effect and bind it into an object or rune or some such where it lies waiting to be used, and the second part would be to release it upon the victim, object or location. Each ability would probably require its category's specialization to use and would probably scale with the caster's spell level or be static and require a spell level.

Possible Dynamic Rituals

With the categorizing of rituals, there are a few obvious ones.

Harden/Soften - Raises or lowers the soak on a piece of armor worn by someone.
Steel to Lead - Makes the metal in an item much more heavy.

Dark Whispers - The target(s) hear a profane whisper in their mind's ear and may be compelled to act upon it.
From Hell's Heart - Supresses divine gifts and holy magick.

Kingdom Speech - Grant one animal the power of speech for a few minutes.
Snakes, is it? - Summons some snakes (venomousness may vary)

Weaker ones of these could be filed into dynamic rituals.

Divine Compulsion: Stuns or repels beings of darkness. Kills weaker ones.
Heaven's Light: Supresses vampiric and hellish gifts & black magick for a limited time.

Brains!: Allows you to assume control over mindless undead, or fight for control with it with its owner. Can attempt to control a vampire with a significant pentalty.

Portals & Scrying:
Most likely invalid categories.

Voodoo hex-dusts are the inspiration for this set of powers, but i can't find them. Hmmm… They are here.

Divine compulsion, but for the various categories you ward from (ie. xenoform compulsion, ghost compulsion etc)