Ogawa Hatsuharu

Ogawa Hatsuharu is a Time Agent for Hiroshima Aruki chrono Soldiers (HACS). She is heavily robotically enhanced and enemy of the Alpha Machine.

Ogawa is HACS' hunter of the Alpha Machine, and is a mostly metallic cyborg. What human parts that are left of her are heavily genetically modified.

Genetic Makeup

Ogawa's genes and DNA have been built from scratch and include samples of the An'Tak genome. Her DNA samples patterns from Japan's true geniuses of her time and is combined with special artificial DNA that aids time travel.


Ogawa is unable to learn psychic powers as the other time agents have since her frontal and temporal lobes have been long removed. She is able to perform rituals since she has a soul, but she doesn't because her understanding of the occult is very limited. Her powers come chiefly from her sophisticated bionics, a fusion of Japan's own technology, and that stolen from the various theta factions. Most of her brain has been replaced by cybernetic implants, affording her cognitive function of a human, combined with the properties of a computer. Unfortunately, since this cybernetic brain has been lifted and reporgrammed from a slain Alpha Machine agent, she is unable to feel emotions. The advantages of this computer brain are numerous however. She is able to connect to and communicate with any computer mainframe in the world, store pictures taken by her bionic eyes, wire herself to and control sophisticated machines, and watch TV while in solitary confinement. Her muscle fibers have been replaced by experimental powered xenometal muscle fibers and her bones replaced with a titanium alloy skeleton, causing her to run faster, jump higher, punch holes through walls, and weigh half of what a flesh and bone girl her size would. She is also a world-class hacker and has various bits and pieces of useful bionics implanted on her body. To facilitate all this enhancement, and also due to her an'tak genetic enhancements, Ogawa is physically larger than other time agents. She towers over her colleagues at a height of 6' 6" and has a slightly thicker build than the other agents.


The Insiduous Alpha Machine is Ogawa's main enemy, who she was bred and trained to fight against. She spends a lot of time infiltating Alpha Machine chatrooms and forums, attempting to search for physical locations of its followers. Once found, she forces her way into the den and paints it red in a frightening and violent display. Her job is a difficult one since the poison that is the Alpha Machine is spread thinly throughout the world, acting in precise co-ordination and secrecy.