The Olympians are a family of xenoforms. They are long-lived and powerful with extensive supernatural powers. They rule over a world called Olympus. The Atlanteans opened a portal to Olympus on the summit of the mountain that would later bear that name. They encounted the Olympian family, at that point led by the Patriarch Ouranus and calling themselves the "titans". Although the titans were incrediably powerful, the Atlanteans had superior numbers and sufficient magickal power that they were able to deal with the xenoform clan on equal terms. A modest trade of magickal items and precious natural resources was enjoyed between the two worlds.

Although Atlantis requested the help of Ouranos and his kin during the war with Mu, the titans refused to aid them. Unwilling to risk the destruction of his family in a fight not his own, the Sky Father maintained strict neutrality during the fighting. After the dust had settled and the continents sunk, the Sky Father left humanity to its own devices to rebuild.

More than two thousand years past with humanity enduring a dark age and Ouranos ruling unopposed in Olympus. In about 7500 B.C. the Sky Father's son Kronus overthrew him, castrating the king of the titans with a farmer's scythe. Unlike his father, Kronus had no reservation about tampering with humanity; he saw Earth as a rich source of worshippers, resources and slaves. Under Kronus' rule, Olympus enslaved the humans of Greece and the surrounding areas. Although they were in many ways super-human, the titans could only travel as fast as their could run, sail or ride, preventing them from extending their influence further.

Kronus, fearing that one of his children would overthrow his as he had overthrown his father, helding his children prisoner in a fortress on Olympus that aquired the nick-name "Kronus' Belly". He banished those of his brothers that he perceived as ugly or deformed; the massive Gigantes, the one-eyed Cyclopes and the many-handed Hecatonchires. He was a cruel and paranoid ruler. Eventually, even his consort Rhea turned against him, smuggling his youngest son Zeus out of Kronus' Belly, replacing the young Olympian with a human child.

Zeus grew up to be powerful, as powerful as his father. He made allies of the Gigantes, Cyclopes and Hecatonchires and with them at his back, led an assault on Kronus' Belly, freeing his siblings. His elder brothers Poseidon and Hades proved his most potent allies and together they triumphed over Kronus and the titans. Kronus was killed, his ghost banished to Tartarus and Olympus divided between Zeus and his two brothers. Poseidon would rule the seas, Zeus would rule the land and Hades would rule the caverns beneath the earth.

As King of Olympus, Zeus was debauched and decadent. He fathered children on hundreds of women, mortal, Olympian and titan alike. He cared little whether or no these women consented, for he was Zeus, King of the Gods. The seeds of Zeus' undoing were planted when he raped one of his aunts, the titan Metis. Metis was gifted with prophecy and predicted that her child would overthrow Zeus just as Zeus had ovethrown his father. When Zeus learned of this, he killed and ate Metis, using the ritual Power in the Flesh that he might continue to benefit from her wisdom even after he had killed her.

Nine months later, Zeus suffered hellish headaches. His son Apollo, gifted with a talent for healing, examined the king of the gods. He opened Zeus' head expecting to find a brain tumour. Instead, he found a baby girl. Zeus, who did not think it possible that a mere female could overthrow him, was delighted and christened the daughter Athena.

In about 1550 B.C. the Giants, whom Zeus had allowed to come and go freely in Olympus as gratitude for their part in Kronus' defeat, attempted to conquer Olympus. The gods repelled them with the aid of Zeus' half-mortal son, Herakles. Three hundred years later, a dispute amoungst the goddesses of Olympus resulted in war amoungst the mortals of Greece and Troy. During this long and bitterly fought war, many mortals and demigods were slain and in the aftermath, a traveller came to Mount Olympus. Through trickery and magick, he won favor with the gods and lured them all back to their home universe. Then he sealed the portal from the outside.

Olympians are naturally fast, strong, graceful, charismatic and perceptive, but they are made more so and imbued with additional supernatural powers by ambrosia, the juice of a magickal fruit which grows only on Olympus. Half-Olympians, such as Achilles, Perseus and Helen of Troy, while far superior to most mortals, have but a fraction of the power of their xenoform parents unless they drink the ambrosia of Olympus. Those who have, such as Herakles, become nearly as powerful as full fledged Olympians. Once fully empowered, Olympians are not dependant on ambrosia to retain their powers, though it still a delicious and refreshing beverage.