Omega Team

Omega Team is The Agency's primary Extraordinary Circumstances Investigation and Intervention Team. It was founded in 2009. The original members were:

Nick Slater: Team leader, codenamed Omega.
Joanna "Anna" Smith: A powerful poltergeist. Second in command.
Maddie Edwards: The most powerful telepath on Agency records.
Maurice Colverston-Fitt: A powerful, if unpredictable, xenoform.
Father John Creed: An excommunicated Catholic priest.
Doctor Schadenfreude: A medical genius who had augmented himself with xenoform tissue grafts. A mercenary contractor.
Loken Wotanson: A xenoform with shapeshifting abilities. Also a mercenary contractor.

The original group was split up following a mission in Mexico where John Creed, Maddie Edwards and the doctor attempted to prevent the rest of the team from performing a human sacrifice that was believed to be necessary to make the sunrise. The three rebels were taken in custody by the Agency, while Smith was promoted to the rank of section leader and placed in command of Psi Team. Colverston-Fitt and Wotanson were assigned to Psi Team, while a new Omega team was assembled under Slater's command. This new team consisted of;

Nick Slater
Major Kim Thomlinson: An associate of Nick's from his time in the Army. Second in command.
Francis Richards: A werewolf using the Blitzwulfen ring that the Agency had obtained from Johann Skorzeny to control his changes.
Marcus of Macedonia: A powerful sorcerer working with the Agency for his own reasons.

Both Francis Richards and Marcus of Macedonia were killed when Omega Team were ambushed by vampires from the Order of Dracula. Slater and the Major only barely managed to escape alive.

Omega Team occasionally employed Nix for additional firepower when needed.