Omicron Team

Omicron Team is an Agency Extraordinary Circumstances Investigation and Intervention Team or ECIIT. It's members are as follows

James Walton, the team leader. Despite being, in his own words, "A military cyborg who sounds like Darth Vader and looks like Doctor Doom", he is a personable and approachable leader. He makes a lot of very bad jokes, which he delivers dead-pan (given that he talks through a voice synthesizer, he hardly has a choice). In contrast to Nick Slater, he strives to minimize civilian casualties whenever possible.

Nadia Sinclair, the team's occult expert and Walton's second-in-command. She is more ruthless than Walton and was chosen by Alpha to provide balance to the team's leadership. She has been given use of several magickal items from the Agency's Vault and is an accomplished sorcerer as well.

Fergus Wilson, telepath and detective
Tina Ryan, mechanic and weapons expert
Valkur, xenoform close combat specialist
Alice Morrell, psychic healer