Osaness Erutaka

Osaness Erutaka the Destroyer is an Isreali Jewish Sorcerer affiliated with the Terrible Hand of YHWH and The Midnight Group.

In the most secretive circles of the Hebrew occult community exist a group called the Terrible Hand of YHWH, an ancient group of Jewish occultists who claim to be carrying a burden set in the times of Moses himself. Osaness is a member of this group and fulfills the position of 'The Destroyer'. He weilds terrible powers sent by God and acts as his fury and vengeance.

Though human, Osaness is said to be about three hundred years old and has had his lifespan extended by divine means. He took upon the mantle of 'The Destroyer' four years after the death of his predecessor in 1943 at the hands of the Hashshashin, an event which nearly heralded the extermination of his people under the boot of Hitler.

The Marble Mind of The Destroyer to which he is eternally linked confers to him the memory, wisdom and indeed right of power cumulative of all the Destroyers before him. This makes him more than a formidable warrior and sorceror, and he claims seven millenia of experience and memory.