Pages Up For Grabs

This is meta-wiki

Basically, list pages which you wish to relinquish the right to write to anyone who will take them on.

  • Bureau-13: Beyond "The occult arm of the MSS", I have no plans for these dudes. Anyone who want to detail them out, feel free. They could be the Chinese time agency as well, if we want a Chinese time agency. Vagually hostile to the Agency, I guess. details the mundane MSS.
  • Sephana: Feel free to write up any of the minor gods, if you have a cool idea for a god. Fluff out the major ones if you wish, but this may be subject to massive retconning by rob/stv.
  • Books of Magick: Feel free to put anything in here you want to use, but it must follow the same page format as all the other ones.