Though historically a large and thriving occult community, Paris' popularity has waned in the last two hundred or so years in favour of London, thanks to an ever-shrinking world. That is not to say it isn't a hotbed of supernatural activity. Paris is still the most high-class and fashionable city in the world and attracts the occultists with money to spend and a taste for the high-life. Contrary to the norm in other cities, there is a very strong presence of Vampires and their various societies. Paris is also a popular destination for planar emigration amongst the phantom species of xenoform whose native language is very similar to French. Particularly wealthy masters of the occult will go to great expense to hold their functions in Paris, for 'la Maison Enfer' by the Champ de Mars houses the most opulent occult-friendly soireé lounge called 'l'Abime', owned by hedonistic Vampire Michel Lambert. Paris is also home to another exiled Shreke family, the Yatra Tors.
In 2004, Count Baxor Yatra-Tor attempted to take control of the French Government by hypnotizing the President. The Agency intervened and went to war against the Shreke family and their minions. Count Baxor's daughter, Ulich, killed him, taking his place as head of the family and negotiated a peace treaty with the Agency. Subsequently, the Yatra-Tors have been keeping a low profile.