Percival Adler

Percival Mycroft Adler (1975-) is a private detective and conspiracy theorist. He is the son of Tristan and Julia Adler, the cousin of Julian Adler and the great-grandson of Sherlock Holmes. He is unaware of the existance of the supernatural, but is aware of most non-supernatural conspiracies, including Majestic-12 and the Illuminati. He is estranged from his family.

Percy, just like his ancestor Sherlock, is addicted to mental stimulation. When he has a case to solve, he is clean living, focused and up-beat. When deprived of mental challenge, however, he is short-tempered, suffers from depression and abuses cocaine.

Despite these habits, Percival has managed to be extremely successful in his chosen career. He has accumulated a small fortune by solving seemingly impossible cases. He has a degree in Criminology from Cambridge and a degree in Psychology from Oxford.

Percy is obsessed with uncovering the truth behind conspiracies. This had led to the London-based Illuminatus, Greg Marsden, deciding that Percy is a danger to the Illuminati. Marsden, who is fairly highly ranked with the Illuminati, has set himself to the task of eliminating Percy as a threat. Following a number of attacks by highly professional assassins, Percy decided to drop off the grid in late 2008.

Percy has a keychain, each key of which opens a lock-up in a major world city, each stocked with false IDs, motorbikes, firearms and cash. He is currently operating out of a London hotel room. The identity he is using at the moment is that of D.I. Sidney Wistler of the Metropolitan Police.