A Phasmas is a fake or artificial soul created through a branch of magick called alchemy. For millenia wise men, or indeed, unwise men have agonised over its ingredients and method. Finally, in the early 19th century, mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein came up with a final theorum for the creation of a phasmas, or as he simply called it, life. Its components are variously expensive, rare and/or treacherous to obtain, and while Frankenstein himself managed to scrape up most of the right ingredients, there were a couple he could never hope to find and instead used inferior comprimises. The result caused the host to be not only imperfect but just downright freaky. The body would still somwehat decay even though it was alive, and the monster displayed several mental problems. Curiously, it was more than capable of learning new skills such as language. After the doctor's death, his notes were passed along to collaegues, but their contents largely ignored.

Ignored, that is, until they reached the hands of Doctor Schadenfreude, German medical researcher in 1992. Schadenfreude was fascinated with the old workings of medicine and read these notes eagerly, spotting the code that Frankenstein had written all those years ago. After some amounts of minor experimentation with alchemy, Schadenfreude took it upon himself to finish what Frankenstein could not and build a phasmas. It is not known whether he was successful, but it is known in a few occult circles that he has managed to acquire the 'purest spring water, guarded by angels', an ingredient his predecessor could not.

A similar process had been discovered on Leroux before it had contact with the prime universe. It was also frought with bizzare and prohibitive conditions to achieve it and subsequently was only performed once.

A Phasmas is created seperately from its intended host body if there is one at all, and can indeed be just made with no intention to put it anywhere. It can be bound to a body via a 6-minute ritual so long as there is no soul present inside it. The only recorded successful attempts at affixing a Phasmas to a body have been on a human built out of dead body parts, and to a dead phantom on Leroux. A Phasmas has its own intelligence, memory and personality, but is able to 'raid' the brain present in its host body for some of its memories and information on how to activate any present magickal alterations. A Phasmas cannot comprehend the use of psychic powers.

Unlike normal souls, a Phasmas can be re-bound to another body using the binding ritual. In such a case, the Phasmas can again raid the host's brain and so on. Theoretically, they can live forever this way, hopping between bodies and aqcuring more and more powers. If a body containing a Phasmas is killed, the Phasmas becomes seperated from it and has the options of heaven, hell or Ghost, just like a normal soul. The opinions of either angel faction on these man-made souls is unknown and perhaps even up for celestial debate.