Professor Sean Smith

Professor Sean Smith was a literature professor at Cambridge University up until 1948, when he was recruited into Department T of British Military Intelligence where he acted as the Occult Advisor on Operation H during extended wwii. He disappeared along with the rest of Operation H when Department T was shut down by the government.

Prof Smith had been Professor of Literature for many years, but his true interest has always been the occult. He even dabbled in Magick for a time, but he totally failed at even the most basic ritual for Professor Smith, like all the Smiths before him, is a Without. This is something of a double edged sword for someone interested in the occult, because whilst it renders him immune to all forms of occult power, it also means that beneficial spells or items simply will not work for him. Even if he were to attain, say, a Philosopher's Stone he could no more turn lead into gold then into a plate of jelly. He could not make the Elixir of Life, and, even if someone else made it for him, it would do nothing.