Psi Team

Psi Team is a team assembled by the Agency in September 2009 after Omega Team nearly self-destructed during a mission to Mexico. It was part of a reorganisation of the Agency's ECIITs.

The first formulation of Psi Team consisted of:

Anna Smith: A powerful ghost, acting as team leader.
Major Kim Thomlinson: A military intelligence expert.
Loken and Horza: A pair of shapeshifting xenoforms.
Sir James Charlesworthy: Attached to the team as an independent consultant from the Charlesworthy Foundation for Advanced Scientific Development.
Kaori Tamakeri: A time traveller on loan to the Agency from the Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS)
Maurice Colverston Fitt: A talented xenoform skilled in marksmanship and seduction.

Horza betrayed the team during their first mission, nearly causing the death of Mr Fitt. Following this incident, the Major requested a transfer to Omega Team.

Psi Team occasionally employed Nix for additional firepower when needed.