Psychics Musing

Though psychics and their powers are a baseline given in the Hughniverse, I have noticed there is surprisingly little fluff and crunch to bind them. I know not whether or not this is a problem, so I intend to examine known psychics and their powers.

It is assumed that psychics have decent willpower, whatever the source. This may be granted by being a psychic, or needing it so that their mind doesn't get fried by the waves and… stuff… permeating their mind. Telepaths seem to take decent socialise, Mad scientists take high intelligence. Some take various mental illnesses, some of which are brought on by the power and some of which seem to require it.

I assume Willpower is what powers psychic powers. So all psychics are above average and more powerful ones are way above average.

True source doesnt seem to be important, and it is best that it remains mysterious. Fluff seems to hint that the capability is passed genetically, and that children usually develop the same sorts of powers their parents have, though I'm not sure if this is/should be an absolute.


Main Telekinetic Powers: Levitation, Supernatural Attacks, Flight, Teleportation, Telekinesis
Secondary Telekinetic Powers: Immunity/Resistance/Reflection (Firearms, Blunt objects, other solid objects), Enhanced Stats (Strength, Defense, Athletics), Physical Advantages (Fast, Glide, Jump, Tentacle)

Known Telekinetics

There is one telekinetic so far in the hughniverse as far as I am aware, and isn't a very good example.

Kaori Tamakeri: Fly, Enhanced Athletics and Gunspace. Not a telekinetic in the purest sense, Kaori is considered telekinetic because of her abilities. Her surrogate mother and sister are telepaths, though she is not blood related to them.


Main Telekinetic Powers: Aura Sight, Telepathic Communication, True Name Aware, Mind Control, Mind Reading, Animal Control, Mind Control, Telepathy, Combat Telepathy
Secondary Telekinetic Powers: Enchanced Stats: (Defense, Melee, Socialise, Perception) Supernatural Attacks, Immunity/Resistance/Reflection (Mind affecting things), Pain Resistance/Immunity, Allies/Minions, Speed, Jump, Glide

I wouldn't class Elemental Control as Telepathic. True Name Awareness to me is a magickal ability, not a psychic one.
##blue|I screwed up with that elemental control. I dont know how it got there**

Known Telepaths

There are telepaths aplenty in the hughniverse. 4 members of HACS are telepathic, but only one really counts. There is a decent range, though disappointingly, there are no thrallherd types.

Hana Shinzo: Telepathy, High willpower. OTR, cybernetic arm utilises her telepathic waves. Takes genetic material from Dr. Mieko Tamakeri. Thought I gave her aura sight too. nm.

Maddie Edwards: Aura Sight, Telepathy, Combat telepathy. High socialise/perception. Parents were also telepaths (Moderate? Powerful? Gimps?)

Deadpan: Undefined. Probably Telepathy. Pretty much a dormant/redundant concept. Lives in an area of unusually high concentration of psychics.

Dr. Mieko Tamakeri: A dormant psychic, either merely a gene carrier or manifesting no noticeable/useful powers. I know not how this relates to her aura.


Main Elekinetic Powers: Element Control, Supernatural attack, Immunity/Resistance/Reflection
Secondary Elekinetic Powers: None

Known Elekinetics

Again, only one. No examples of the classic pyrokinetic yet.

TS-675: None defined, but are probably: Elemental Control (Frost, Major), Moderate Supernatural Attack: Icicles, Resistance: Cold, Weakness: Fire. Seems to react favorably to a certain kind of lobotomy. Perhaps this is true for all psychics, or perhaps this is only true for elementals (ie, messing with the bit that is linked to fire can 'uncork' frost/water control powers).

Mad Science

Main Mad Science Powers: High amounts of gear/magick items, Minions, Enhanced Intelligence. Nearly any ability granted through 'experiments'.

Known Mad Scientists.

There are a surprising amount documented compared to telekinetics and telepaths, considering mad scientists are very very rare. Mad scientists never know they are such, and neither do the people around them, as what they appear to be doing is just science.

Explained I think, by the fact mad science is a cool psychic power. Much as 5s are probably more common than 1s in named characters despite it being the other way round in the population of the Hughniverse.

Dr. Schadenfreude: Minion, Extra Arms, regeneration, panacea ring.

Dr. Jekkyl: None defined in the hughniverse as of yet.

Japanese Inventor: Manufactures gear. There seems to be nothing else.

Dr. Ernst Strom: Instant effect armor. Would logically have limited time control via some device. Didn't he have some kind of super luger or something?


These powers seem to have self-explanitory powers and no real examples. As such, not much can be said on their behalf at this time.