The Pyramid of the Beginning and the End

S&S setting.

I know it's a bit early to be working out details of this world and that this article might need serious revision or deletion later but I felt like writing it.

North of the tropical jungles, beyond the vast Northern Plains where the vicious Canbals live, beyond even the high mountains and the salt rivers of Eyoltra is the Land of Eternal Day where the sun never sets and in the centre of the Black Desert with its glass trees, at the very top of the world, is the Pyramid of the Beginning and the End.

It is rumoured that atop the hundred thousand steps of the Pyramid live the ancient Nilvarrartae, a group of mages who perform dark rituals for the Eternal One in hope of one day becoming masters over life and death. Less reliable accounts claim outlandish things such as that inside the Pyramid is a gateway to the afterlife through which the Nilvarrartae may come and go and that the sides of the Pyramid are littered with a hundred million corpses that bleed profusely for all eternity. Given that no one even claims to have seen the Pyramid in centuries some amount of skepticism accompanies these accounts.