Hailing from a race of serpentlike xenoforms millions of years old called the Coatl that practiced potent blood-based magick, Quetzl rose to become their leader not long after the fall of Atlantis. Striving to bring the universe into his brand of uncompromising order, he conquered the thriving jungle world of Aztlan and declared the Coatl to be the new ruling race of all reality, giving himself the title-name of Quetzlcoatl. The strongest of its stone-bodied humanlike inhabitants (dubbed Olmitecs) would become his demigod army, each infused with a drop of coatl blood, and the rest would become their servants. He then sent these demigods to discover and conquer new worlds like the Coatl before them in their name. Inhabitants of those worlds he found too corrupt to conquer were obliterated by the demigod's sacrifice, often incorporating massive cataclysms such as rains of fire, giant hurricanes and armies of snarling animals. These people would then be bought back to life by Quetzlcoatl himself who would resurrect the virtuous few to be led by a Coatl-blooded leader.

One such race Quetzlcoatl was proud of resurrecting were the Nahua in Industria, and decided to stay amongst them as their leader. Coatl cults existed in many worlds, and many of those not headed by a particularly strong leader fell due to their own vices and hubris. Some died with humility or honour, and some sacrificed themselves to destroy all within their domain or even world as a last act as vengeance. A few gods successfully defended their lands against encroachers, including Quetzlcoatl. While fighting his most dangerous adversaries at the time, the expansionist Vinland Vikings, he feverishly researched the unusual (to him at least) magicks their witches bought over and divined a word of power, becoming the first and only Coatl 'wizard'. He paid the price for learning a word of power without first building a staff and developed an intense schizophrenia. When this happens to anyone else they generally die a few days later, gibbering in delirum if they don't die or get killed as a result of continually setting off their magickal enhancements and word of power over and over. Not Quetzlcoatl. He retired into a healing coma in his temple until about 1600.