A city-state on the world of Leroux famous for its love of gun duels, its ruthless army and its grim patrons. It is ruled by a Duke Rodriguo.

Raient is very much a typical city on Leroux with some otherwise distinct features. Firstly, it is the only city where guns are in widespread use. Gun technology is somewhat limited compared to that of Humans, or even An'taks, and laughable to some other kinds of Xenoform, such as Trillians. Honourable gun duels and gang-wide shootouts are daily spectacles in the city, with combatants showing the flowing grace, showmanship and disciplined choreography that defines the phantom race. Civilians caught on the sidelines will watch and marvel at the beauty of the fight, safe in the knowledge that they will not be hit by a stray bullet if they have no quarrel with the combatants, and with their institutional casuality over the sanctity of life.

Raient's army is basically an organized militia built out of gangs and freelancers where all participants are expected to defend their own 'territory' from aggressors, and for larger threats the other gangs are brought in to reinforce their numbers, and are kept in line by the steely stares of Duke Rodriguo's own personal garrison. Because of their deeply personal defensive matrix and superior weapons, few try and attack Raient. If a gang gets too big for its boots, Rodriguo's men will invariably take them down a peg in the most humiliating manner possible.

It just so happens that Raient is the agreed city of hell in the treaty between the two angel factions. This means that it is the only place on Leroux where rebel angels above a certain rank are allowed to incarnate. As a result of this, there is a larger percentage of irreligion and cults than other phantom cities. There are also several gangs that are covertly linked by a Cult of Lucifer.