Randall Defense Systems

Founded in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois by brothers Gary and Rick Randall, Randall defense systems set out to privately develop military applications for lasers. Primarily, they would be looking at sci-fi style laser blasters and the like, however, they were also given all classified research for certain scrapped government plans, such as Star Wars and the more far-out aspects of SDI in return for access to anything they develop from it. The company struggled from the start, suffering from various unexplained legal and technical barriers to research, as well as sabotage from an unknown source causing them to nearly go bust until Rick was invited to join a group called Interest-9 who helped them relocate their HQ, structure their business and get them the permissions and high court decisions they needed to succeed.

In 2044, Randall Systems shot to prominence when the Americans unveiled the 'Death Star', an orbital weapon that sits in a geostationary orbit over North America, detecting missiles and shooting them out of the air. Later death stars were put into orbit over Europe and The Cradle.

Some time before the turn of the 22nd century Randall Defense Systems perfected the optical carbine, an assault rifle that fires lasers instead of solid shots, eliminating recoil and the effective need for ammunition whilst still being effective against the emerging combat robots of IOM and the powered armors of N. Variations were later released called the optical nine, and optical .45. Much later developments were the more potent Decimator and Facemelter. Freedom Force Elite issued only Randall firearms to its elite operatives.

Rumours report that Randall Defense Systems has been commissioned to develop an orbital weapon of mass destruction, though this is denied by all parties.