Random Plot Generator

This page shouldn't be taken too seriously.

The Agenda: Roll a d10 to see what ideology drives this week's bad guys.

1. Nazis
2. Organized Crime
3. Cultists (e.g. Satanists)
4. Religious Nutcases (e.g. al Quaeda)
5. Time Travellers
6. Black Ops Military
7. Communists
8. Evil International Corporation
9. No Agenda; just wants to watch the world burn
10. Roll twice and combine

The Monsters: Roll a d10 to see what kind of monsters this week's bad guys are.

1. Vampires
2. Werewolves
3. Sorcerors
4. Psychics
5. Forces of Hell
6. Ghosts
7. Xenoforms
8. Cyborgs/Robots
9. Well-trained and well equipped normal humans
10. Roll twice and combine

The Location: Roll a d20 to see where the players need to jet off to.

1. London
2. Paris
3. Rome
4. Munich
6. St. Petersburg
7. Moscow
8. Hong Kong
9. Beijing
10. Tokyo
11. New York
12. Los Angeles
13. Chicago
14. Rio de Janeiro
15. Istanbul
16. A fictional oil-rich country in the Middle East.
17. A fictional corupt South American state.
18. A fictional Eastern European country wracked by ethnic violence.
19. On a ship at sea.
20. In a secret base (Roll again; 1-3 On a tropical island, 4-6 In the Antarctic, 7-9 Deep beneath the ground, 10 In orbit around the Earth)

The Plot: Roll a d10 to see what the bad guys are up to.

1. They've been abducting people (Roll again 1-3 Eating them, 4-6 Experimenting on them, 7-9 Planning to sacrifice them, 10 transforming them into more monsters)
2. They are plotting to assassinate an important public figure.
3. They have been acquiring technological components; they must be building something, but what?
4. They have been acquiring occult texts and strange items; they must be planning some kind of arcane ritual!
5. They have kidnapped the son/daughter/niece/nephew of an important public figure.
6. They are plotting to steal a powerful magickal item (Roll again; 1-4 from a museum, 5-7 from a local sorceror, 8-10 from a place of worship).
7. They are plotting to steal a technological prototype (Roll again; 1-4 from a university, 5-7 from a local mad scientist, 8-10 from a military base).
8. They are going to make an alliance, trade or some other kind of deal with another evil group (generate another set of baddies using the Agenda and Monster tables).
9. One of the bad guys has contacted the PCs and claims to want to defect. Is it a trick? And if not, how can they help him get out alive?
10. Roll twice and combine.

The Twist: Roll d10 for the twist that is revealed midway through the plot…

1. Their agenda appears to be the one rolled, but it turns out to be a visage for the real agenda which is… (roll d10 on agenda, reroll if a repeat of the original)
2. The monsters appear to be the ones rolled, but they turns out to be (roll d10 on monsters, reroll if a repeat of the original) dressed up or disguised.
3. The plot rolled was merely a cover for the real plot, which was… (roll d10 on plot, reroll if a repeat of the original)
4. An established enemy turns up, either temporarily allied with the bad guys or taking advantage of the situation. They've steered the plot towards their own nefarious needs.
5. An established enemy turns up, who is either working against the bad guys or taking advantage of the situation. They propose a temporary alliance, which they honour until the shared goal is fulfilled.
6. A hitherto undiscussed NPC from a PC's past is tangled up in the plot. They have new information which ups the stakes. Roll odds for friend, evens for foe, or 10 for 'friend'.
7. The heroes discover that they are vastly outmatched the hard way. After escaping from the tangle, they realise that their only options is to beg the help of a shady/notorious/sinister group, rolled randomly from the bad guys and monsters.
8. The PCs have been tricked! Their presence was what was required for the plan (or another plan) to complete in some way, and now the endgame has been thrust into motion. The subject of the plot is expended (ie, the public figure is killed, the ritual is cast etc). Now caught in the eye of the storm, the PCs face one last frantic push to halt the end of the world!
9. The whole plot is a ruse to coax the PCs into a showdown. They face a tough fight, challenge or dilemma.
10. Roll again twice!