Rarzairuhpthir is a parallel universe, commonly referred to, among those few who know of it, as the 'universe of bees'. It is an extremely alien world, rarely visited for reasons that should be obvious.

Those unfamiliar with it are likely to miss the poignancy of the moniker 'universe of bees'. It is a universe of bees. Bees make hives within bees that make hives within bees. Bees, or the ubiquitous alien lifeforms somewhat resembling bees, seem to exist at all scales of size throughout Rarzairuhpthir. It appears to be bees all the way up and bees all the way down, ad infinitum. Truly, a universe of bees. The exploration of this universe, as might be expected, is somewhat limited, what with the bees.

There are two features of this universe worthy of note; Fear Juice and the Omniwhale.

Fear Juice, produced from the secretions of some of the smaller bees, if consumed, even in the tiniest amounts, can cause fear, even perpetual fear, in even the most resolute of creatures. Some believe the active ingredient of Fear Juice to be tiny, tiny bees.

The Omniwhales are the only known non-bee form(s) of life in Rarzairuhpthir. It seems that the entire bee ecosystem is built around other bees of different sizes. Sources of light and heat appear to come from distant bees vast beyond imagining and clouds of bees minute beyond imagining. Kilometres long and living for hundreds of thousands of years or more, Omniwhales are colossal aquatic beings that swim utterly vast and featureless oceans within yet more utterly vast and largely bee-less bees. They contain within themselves many great chambers in which they cultivate plants and keep livestock, creating within themselves a self-contained ecosystem. Omniwhales are among the most intelligent creatures known in any universe, however they are trapped within a universe of bees.

Some believe Rarzairuhpthir to be a name passed onto explores of the universe by one of the indigenous hive-minds. Others, however, believe it be onomatopoeic, closely resembling the sound of a person being eaten by bees as they are all eaten by another much larger bee. This is a common sound in Rarzairuhpthir as every bee, and hence almost everything, in this universe appears to be carnivorous although it is often difficult to hear over the loud and never-ending buzzing, just buzzing buzzing all the time. Even the Omniwhale hums.