Reverend Jenkins

Rev Bernard Jenkins was the Chaplin assigned to Department T.

He served as an Army Chaplin, and participated in the parachute drop prior to the D-Day Landings.
He was found, in the days after the invasion in a makeshift field hospital behind enemy lines. When questioned as to how it was that he had survived with only badly wounded men, he repeatedly insisted that Angels had repeatedly repeld Nazi attacks.

The Opinion of the British army phycologists was that his mind was inventing a fiction to allow himself to cope with the fact that he had, infact, taken up arms against the enemy. He was sent back to England and served as Chaplin in a number of bases before being recruited by Department T. In part, this was because Hugh Charlesworthy understood the value of having a preist who was used to being under fire, and partly because if there was even a glimmer of a chance that Angels had infact intervened to save this man, that makes him a usefull person to have around.