Revolvers (OAGS)

Revolvers are iconic, reliable weapons favoured by many in the Hughniverse such as [[Sargent Thunder]] and [[Hugh Charlesworthy]] Himself. However, currently there are no OAGS rules specificly governing there use.

Until now.

OAGS works on the basis of archotypes, each of the three catagorys of Handgun can be said to have a revolver equivilent as follows.

Hand Cannon
Hand Cannon's typicly represent a hevey automatic pistol such as the Desert Eagle but revolver equivilants would include the .44 Magnum, .455 Webly MkVI or Colt Single Action Army.

Hangun is possibly the boradest catagory of weapon in OAGS, but the textbook example has allways been the SIG Sauer P226, revolvers that would fall into the "Handgun" catagory include the Colt Official Police or .38 Webly

Noteably, the bulk of revolvers produced today fall into the "Hand Cannon" catagory rather then the "Handgun" category, due to high calibour rounds being easier to handle in a revolver.

Light Handgun
In OAGS, when we think of a light handgun, probably the first weapon to come to mind is the Iconic Walther PPK. But again, there are revolver equivilents for this catagory such as the Colt Detective Special and the Smith & Wesson Centennial.

Ruleswise, Revolvers function exactly like an automatic pistol from the same catagory, However, after six shots have been expended a full round must be spent reloading the weapon.

Why would anyone want to use a slightly gimped version of the normal pistols? The first reason is style. However, I would also suggest that "Minor Foible: "Will not use Automatic Handguns, Handcannons or Light Handguns" is probably worth a charicter point. "Foible: Will only use revolver ranged weapons" is probably worth two.

In addition, there may be situations were the players are forced to use handguns. The Trenches of WWI. The Old West.

If two revolvers are weilded Akimbo, then its reasonable to reload both of them in a single round. Carrying a "brace" of revolvers to get an extra charicter point while circumventing the need to reload, is takeing the piss, and should be punished appropriately.

Players wishing to use Revolvers styalisticly, but still use the standard handgun rules, may be assumed to be useing an autoloader.

Finally, because it is thematicly apropriate sometimes, a player may spend a fate point to have "One last Bullet" in his Revolver, even if it should have expanded all its shots. This is not a perticularly cost effective way of utaliseing a fate point - but might just come in handy.