Rituals 2.0


  • You can scry
    • You can block scrying
      • You can trace scrying


  • You can put annoying curses on people(Speak Spanish, Farm Animals become useless)
    • You can put damaging curses on people(Bad Luck, Severe Fatigue)
      • You can put deadly curses on people(Heart Attacks, Turn into a Frog)
  • You can craft vodoo dolls, allowing you to curse the target without it being blocked, traced or reflected
  • You can block curses
    • You can break curses
      • You can trace curses
        • You can reflect curses


  • You can seal portals
    • You can open portals to one other universe
      • You can open portals to many other universes

Basic Necromancy

  • You can see and communicate with spirits(this does not allow touching)
  • You can ward against ghosts
      • You can summon ghosts


The field is called demonology, because by the terms of the Treaty, the Rebel Faction can't attack mortals to free their trapped comrades. Loyalists can. Fucking with the Loyalist Faction is….unwise.

  • You can ward against angels, both Rebel and Loyalist
    • You can summon angels, both Rebel and Loyalist

Advanced Necromancy

  • You can send spirits to Hell
  • You can force a spirit into either body or an object
    • You can permanently bind a spirit to a body or object
  • You can send a spirit out of it's current body and set it lose as a ghost

Japanese Magick

  • You can animate origami birds
  • You can force spirits into material form

Needs at least a third ritual.

Colverston-Fitt magick

The unique rituals known to the Colverston-Fitt family

  • You can animate human hands
  • You can teleport, at great risk and with considerable preparation time
  • You can ward against dragons

Catholic magick

  • You can bless objects, turning them into holy objects as far as Being of Darkness are concerned.
  • You can create the Eucharist, which cures lingering supernatural effects caused by Beings of Darkness.
  • You can exorcize possessing spirits.