Realistic Occult Action Gaming System

Realistic Occult Action Gaming System … or rOAGS

With Ben talking about re-making firearms I've been thinking about a split off of OAGS, trying to be more realistic.

Proposed changes:

  • Lower human Average. Make 5 Human Max.
  • Make weapons much more dangerous.
  • Add an economy system.
  • Add a sanity system.


unarmed should probably stay as it is but melee weapons ought to do a number times Strength in damage
rather than a number plus strength so knife= strength x2 sword= strength x3

I'd put Pistols as doing about 15 damage a healthy soldier(15hp) can survive it if he's wearing armour
while rifles would do more like 20 or 25 stats on vehicles would generally go way, way up they're unrealistically weak at the moment

You might want to make Defence more reliant on finding cover to stop dudes with high Defence just dodging bullets like they can now

I have some plans to work on something like this in a month or two when I have the time. I have a few ideas already. I might call it Brutal OAGS though, the word 'realistic' carries a lot of baggage.