Rosa Luisa Gales

Rosa Luisa Gales is a half-sephanus, half human demigoddess, prophet and head of the cult of N.

Early Years

Rosa Luisa was born in 2068 in Nicuraga, daughter to prostitute Luisa Gales. Growing up, she was always extremely intelligent, though still a prostitute by profession from the age of 13 out of necessity. At 18, she had somehow accrued enough funds to move to America and attend the Massachusets Institution of Technology to study Advanced Mechanical Engineering, which she passed with the highest honour. She went on to study for a PhD and became well known in the engineering community.

Industrial O'm

Rosa Luisa soon came under the employ of Industrial O'm at the age of 25 in 2093, and worked on some of their most successful robots. She was offered a senior position in IOM at the age of 28 in 2096 but refused the post for 'personal reasons' and recommended her protegé, Michael Chen. She subesquently left the corporation and disappeared.

Rise of the Demigoddess

Following her departure from IOM, Rosa Luisa travelled, just showing up in places where there was strife or crisis. She would show displays of wonderous technology and magic, and perform miracles wherever she went, teaching of the Sephana and N. She would target disparate Christians and Muslims, and those more technically minded, but would preach to anyone who would listen. She would sometimes turn whole communities with her displays, but normally brought an isolated few at a time under her leadership. Soon enough, these human S'ephans would become known as the cult of N, or simply N.

Exodus to Ascension

The time of N was destined to come. The portal it was said to be trapped behind lay inside a volcano on ascension island. The Cult of N's base was set up on the island, and all its previous inhabitants expunged. Gradually, most of Earth's S'ephans were brought to this island and a large community set up. It quickly became a marvel of high technology that would make Industrial O'm envious, with man-made land used to expand the island once it was full.


Rosa Luisa is the daughter of the S'ephan god Brice, a divine birth orchestrated by the Chatuth and their gods in order to recover their last god, codenamed N, who is trapped behind a portal on the Earth. From a young age, she has been in contact with her godly father, and his various high priests. This contact afforded her a torrent of wisdom, and taught her the secrets of Chatuth technology and magic throughout her life, and the role she was to play. Some Christians and Muslims who follow her consider her to be the second coming of Christ, and similarly, Jews who were converted to N consider her the messiah that was promised to them thousands of years ago. Of course, she protests that she has nothing to do with their previous religions.


Blessings upon Rosa Luisa are many, as she is performing an important duty that all of her gods and alien investors consider extremely important. She is blessed by all major sephana, and recieves blessings from time to time from other gods when she requires it. She has an incredible understanding of all kinds of unearthly technology, more advanced than anything earth could come up with. She commands magic unseen by even the most heretical practitioners of the occult, with wisdom and determination unheard of before. She hands some of these secrets down to her followers, and these are kept jealously within the cult.