Royal Council Of Free Vampires

Vampires who reject and renounce Lucifer, Dracula, their bloodline progenitor and even their sire are known as 'free vampires'. These vampires owe no allegiance to dark forces. This is only possible through massive willpower or having a broken link from Dracula's chain of command, for example one's sire being destroyed. Because of the nature of someone it takes re reject Dracula, these vampires often tend to be oddly altruistic, though they still display some of the most depraved vampire behaviours.

The Royal Council of Free Vampires are a loose collection of these free vampires who regularly hold meetings to discuss business. These meetings are chaired by Sir Mitch Reginald who is a dedicated member of the organization. They are chiefly concerned with protecting free vampires and their interests, and brokering peace between their members and similar small gatherings of xenoforms, sorcerors and so on.

Membership is won only though word of mouth invitation by other free vampires.

Sir Mitch Reginald

Honored Members
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Ringo Starr
Others unknown.

Daniel The Cowardly Vampire
Lord Ethan Blackwood
Sir David Walpole
Lady Tau of Camelot
Noddy Holder
Others unknown.