S&S Equipment

OK, this is what I have in my head so far

  • No Firearms at all.
  • Crossbows only in the hands of the Strange Folk and those who've traded with them.

Clockwork-enhanced crossbows possible?
I imagine so. Minor Item, 12 Damage, +2 to hit, can fire every round?

  • Most weapons are Iron or Steel.
  • Best armour is Chainmail and Metal Helmet. Armour Training is 1cp less for games set in this world.
  • Kinotari smiths are very good, but Kinotari iron is of awful quality. This equals out for most Kinotari weapons, but Kinotari smiths working with good steel make the best swords in the world. These are pretty rare and quite valuable.

On a more world-building, less PC-focused level

  • No mounted knights; chariots are still the fashionable way for nobles to wage war.

The simple way to ensure/justify that is to not have horses big enough to ride into a battle.
Should go by culture, IMO. I want to see small groups of Kinotar on one shaggy mammoth. Most Canbals should be able to run as fast as horses anyway.
Good point. Chariots for the Rhist? I can't see Glorum getting any kind of mount(though I imagine lots of Glorum footsoldiers in Rhistian armeis). Asala and Strange Folk would probably unlikely to use mounts; they both live in confined spaces with lots of small corridors.
For non-military transport I could see the Asala with boats on underground rivers and the Strange Folk with, perhaps, clockwork trams. And yes, the Glorum would probably walk most places.

  • Canons at all? Or are ballistae and catapults still the seige-breakers of choice?

If you have cannons someone will build a man-portable cannon, I'd stick with just ballistae and catapults to avoid firearms.
Again, Strange Folk would have a monopoly on this with better versions or even clockwork powered rapid bolt-throwers.