S&S Gods

OK. We mentioned having 7 gods, but haven't gone into much detail. As I see it, there are a number of possible kinds of religion in the Hughniverse.

  • Worshipping God
  • Worshipping gods
  • Worshipping Titans
  • Worshipping other powerful entities
  • Worshipping other, not-as-powerful-as-you'd-think entities
  • Worshipping non-existant entities
  • Ancester worship, with or without communication with ghosts
  • A religion without deities(ala Buddhism)

Which of these do we want to use and for which cultures?
The bulk should be small g gods, but one should totally be the divine authority in a gods guise. A spirit-religion for druid types would also be cool.

I'd like for the Glorum to have a god that exists as a second, but weaker, personality in each glorum that's either a collective delusion, or infectious schizophrenia, that they've all gained through their telepathic communication, perhaps developed as a coping mechanism to deal with their sense of disinheritance and feelings of alienation in this universe, or it is actually some supernatural entity that inhabits them. It couldn't be a hive mind that could actually function as a mind on its own but more a shared set of mental images and beliefs that they reinforce through their telepathic communications and rituals and that inform, to some extent, their decisions. Nominally though they might follow what ever the Rhist have.