S&S Races

Let's brainstorm a few ideas for these races.

I think we ought to have maybe 4-6 of them. I'd vote for not including humans per se, but having one or two human-appearing xenoforms races amoungst them. I think they should all be new and all but one or two native to the S&S universe(maybe a couple from other universes, but not ones with known connections to the main portal-network).

My two suggestions

Kinotari: The Kinotari(singular; Kinotar) are a race of dark-skinned, muscular people who live in cold wastelands near the Southern Pole. Human-looking, reminiscent of the Cimmerians from Robert E Howard's work. Probably Strength, Toughness, Athletics, Melee and Defence bonuses, statwise.
I'm not sure how MAGIC you want things to be but dark-skinned = heat loss. Perhaps give them the ability to change their skin colour through shades of grey to regulate heat loss.
They don't necessarily need to have evolved on the tundra. Mind you, I like the idea of shifting skin colour; possibly some kind of camo-skin. It would explain a kind of Conan-style of dress.
We don't want to make them too like the Goliaths of dnd4e. Perhaps make them a little stocky to begin with?
Not familiar with D&D goliaths.
Basically they are 7-8ft tall barbarians with mottled grey skin, it can't change colour but it is vaguely camo-like. It's just something to bear in mind.
Ah, OK. I meant more sort of chameleon-like; skin changes colour to match their surroundings.
A chameleon's skin changes color to match its emotion! Ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuu-.
Some chameleons change their skin colour for camouflage or heat-regulation purposes.

Asala: The Asala are a race of reptilian humanoids. Their eyes are vulnerable to bright light, but their vision is superior in darkness and dim light. They have forked tongues and poisonous fangs.
More snake than lizard.

My 2 centimes.

Canbal: A race of purely carnivorous humanoids adapted to life and hunting on the plains. They are lithe but not lean, stand at about 5 ft tall, have backwards legs (like an ostritch), and have razor sharp teeth.
I am unsure of this one. They are a little alien for such a setting.
I'm not sure about the name, bit too close to cannibal, but they sound interesting. Also backwards legs aren't actually backwards, it just involves walking on the toes and having different proportions of the bones, so it isn't too alien imo.
Sound cool.

Rhist: Slender humanoids who live in high-rise cosmopolitan cities made from beautiful crystal spires of all colors. Obsessed largely with crystals and minerals, they are used everywhere they care to go. Their mages are highly talented in earth-based magick.
Sound good. Are they human-appearing?
These have got the best chance of being human-appearing.

?: The fae choice. Beautiful, long-haired and graceful, but have neglected their trees for dark and hot mountain cores. Build fantastic small cities in hollowed out mountains and drained volcanoes. They seek out areas saturated with magick and work their raw materials in order to trade with other races whom it would otherwise be too dangerous for. Probably the most technologically advanced of all races with no gunpowder, but a decent grasp of clockworks.
I like this idea. The best technology comes from the strange fae folk who live under the mountain. How's that for a name actually; The Strange Folk?
I like Strange Folk but I'm sure they'd also have a name for themselves which they might keep to themselves.

My only idea, that's a bit weird.

Glorum: A xenoform species kept as a slave caste by some other race, say the Rhist if we wanted these to mesh. Their home universe is probably either no longer accessible or very difficult to access. They stand 3-4ft high and have a metallic skin of, usually, brilliant gold or silver. They are mute but telepathic and this combined with their good intelligence and exquisite appearance make them highly accomplished and ornamental servants. Most have had some quite painful operations performed on them by their owners to embed precious stones in them to enhance their beauty or have in some cases integrated utensils into them or even formed utensils from their body parts. While somewhat timid and very loyal some glorums have escaped or been liberated from the slavery to start new lives in other parts of the world.

Works nicely, especially to add some variety to "civilization". How does this sound as a racial dynamic; We have Rhistian cities and roads, built by the magick of the Rhistian Mage's Guild. The Strange Folk have their own cities, but the Rhist would probably quite literally beat a path to their door. The Kinotar are deadly warriors and live in land not worth stealing so I imagine they get on well with the Rhist. The Asala live in underground caves and are viewed by the Rhist the way D&D views orcs in that the Rhist feel quite justified in invading the caverns, killing Asala and leaving with loot. The Canbal probably live to the North(assuming we're cool with being in the Southern hemisphere). I imagine they'd war with the Rhist, but I'm not sure.
Perhaps the Rhist play Canbal tribes off against each other in an attempt to get them to kill themselves off or at least to keep them occupied. Also the Rhist might use Kinotari mercenries as footmen.
I see Kinotari making good warriors, but poor soldiers(if that distinction makes sense). I think Kinotari mercenaries would probably be scouts, bodyguards or assassins, rather than soldiers-of-the-line.

People who know some magick have learnt it either from the Rhistian Mage's Guild(which probably also accept Kinotari members and possibly Canbal if we opt to have them peaceful with the Rhist) or from the Asala(most of whom would be Dabblers in my head) just because the phrase "I learnt magick while I lived amoungst the snakemen" seems, to me, very pulp fantasy.

Do we want a sixth race?
Rhist, Asala, Strange Folk, Kinotari, Canbal and Glorum is six
So it is. Should we work out racial packages next?

How do these two look?

Firstly, a baseline. Ignore the Traits Nonhuman Appearance, Computer Illiterate and No Identity. Illiterate gives 1cp back instead of 2cp. Nobody has ID in this universe, computers don't exist and reactions to things which are obviously not human depends on what species it is.

Kinotari (11cp)
Abilities: +2 Defence and Melee, +1 Athletics, Strength and Toughness
Advantages: Immunity(Cold), Stealth
Disadvantages: Illiterate

Asala (5cp)
Abilities: +2 Intelligence, +1 Athletics and Defence
Advantages: Dabbler, Natural Armour 3, Natural Weapon
Disadvantages: Lowlight Vision, Ugly, Wanted

Lowlight Vision (-3cp): You vision is adapted to darkness. You treat dimly lit areas as fully lit and dark areas as dimly lit(-1 to Defence, Marksmanship and Melee, -2 to Perception). However, you are dazzled by bright light. You also treat fully lit areas as dimly lit.
I dont think treating lit areas as dark is a good ability to aid a cohesive group.
They would seriously need shades or guide-lizards or something.
Changed. It is still the case that if other races aren't taking penalties, Asala are. This is part of why prejudice against them has been able to get so strong.

Glorum (5cp)
Abilities: +2 Intelligence and Willpower.
Advantages: Immunity (Corrosive), Telepathic Communication, Natural Armour 2, Sleepless
Disadvantages: Weakness (Electricity), Mute, Major Foible (Great Loyalty)
I don't like the idea of having mind reading as a base ability, telepathic communication would be better.
That's reasonable, fixed now.

Glorum [Dis]Advantages and Mini-packages (not sure how to price some):
Branded (?cp): The Glorum carries the mark of its owner's house. In its owner's house the Glorum is accepted, in other houses it is out of place.
Bejewelled (?cp): Branded. Personal Fortune 1 though this may not be spent without the permission of the owner and painful surgery. The Glorum is a high status slave and probably on important business for an important somebody though it is now a prime target for thieves/kidnappers.
Specialised (-3cp): Missing Arm; the arm has been remodelled into something useless like a ladel and no weapon may be attached.
Body Guard (0cp): Missing Hand; the hand has been remodelled into something useful, either a sword or a mace, and may not be disarmed. Weapon Specialisation (Remodelled Hand).

Canbal (3cp)
Abilities: +2 Athletics, +1 Perception, -1 Socialise
Advantages: Fast 1, Jump 1
Disadvantages: Illiterate
Teeth not bad-ass enough to count as Natural Weapon?
They are more for eating other canbals and rhists. They'd break if they bit any kind of armor or scales, though.
Ok. Are we still going to call these cannibals Canbals?

Rhist (0cp)
Abilities: +1 Intelligence, -1 Melee

Strange Folk (4cp)
Abilities: +1 Strength, +1 Athletics
Advantages: Minor Clockwork Item, Attractive
Disadvantages: Weakness: Cold