S&S Setting Discussion

Yo. I was just wondering about this as there have been previous rumblings. Want to know thoughts of all people and other questions they may raise.

Is it going to be a parallel universe or alternate history?
Parallel imo. Alternate history could be viable, but its best to be more different.
I agree.

What demihuman races are going to be prevalent? Should there be new ones or are we going to draw from current pools?
Humans, älfar, juuvani, an'tak at least. Adding phantoms and trilians would make a nice 'big 6' The new races are a strong point of the setting, I feel.
Wouldn't älfar be kinda the odd one out there, being fae rather than natural lifeforms? The others are all non-magickal xenoforms(and humans, which are non-magical xenoforms in this universe). I'd vote for shrekes as the magicky race rather than älfar. That would also have the advantage of having non of the traditional Tolkein-fantasy races.
I'm thinking strengths and weaknesses rather than what race would be what role. More of a tasty mix than a strategic distribution. I stuck alfar in there as I thought having a fae would be cool, but I see your point on non-tolkien races. Maybe weisalfr, or some new race called wychfae or wildfae or some such. I avoided shrekes on account of there being like a few thousand of them across the entire of reality.
Been doing some more thinking. I'm gonna change my vote to a whole new crop of races. We already have relatively few species of xenoforms, let's not grab the 5 most developed and have them in the same setting by coincidence.

How prevalent is magick? Psychic powers?
As common as in D&D. Psychics could be a nice lemony twist.
It's worth remember magick is very different from D&D and preserving that is, I think, worthwhile. If this world is Veiless, magick ought to be either widely known, at least to some small extent(since picking up a couple of easy rituals is like learning the basics of a second language in terms of difficulty) or extremely tightly controlled. I think the later could be fun, with magick as trade secrets of Magick Orders, working like medieval Guilds but more powerful.
In D&D you are among the few in the world who are exposed to much magick at all because you're adventurers. Most of the time, people go their whole lives without seeing so much as a glimpse of a mage. Magick guilds is a good idea.

What supernatural threats are looming largest? New wereanimals? New vampire lines? Dragons?
Here should be dragons, totally. There should be two warring vampire lines.
Ideally, I'd like to keep dragons rare, even here. Maybe a dozen in the whole world?

What links are there to the known multiverse? Should there be any? How did the races get there?
It should be a closed loop ideally. Don't know how the races got there.
I'd vote for a link to the main universe(probably via Shrekra, since they are the ones best positioned to collect all 6 races) that has since been closed and no known ritual to open it from this side.
Are you doing time travel?
I'd prefer to leave it out at least at first, maybe introducing the time travel ritual(as used by Mu, Atlantis, Children of Dagon, Zeitcommando, CFE et al) later as lost, almost unknown magic later.
Nay to time travel. Inappropraite for a fantasy setting most of the time.
If we are creating new races could/would we have them all originate in the same universe?
It seems logical. Maybe a few universes in a closed loop, but no known connection to the main universe.

Pantheon? New, generic fantasy pantheon? Other pantheons? Atheists?
Should totally have new new seven god pantheon, with one that is basically holding abrahamic-like believes (ie mithrans, bahai).
Could be interesting to have some small-g-gods who work with Heaven and function a little like Catholic Saints; with God-as-God, but the lesser gods as also deserving of prayer. It'd be a new setup at least.
We need evil ones too.