Sam Morris

Samuel Morris(1945-) is the President of the United States and a member of Majestic-12. His father, General Victor Morris was one of the original members of MJ-12 and Sam, already a Major, became the youngest member of MJ-12 upon his father's death in 1980. In 1984, he began Project Achilles using funds appropriated from various other projects. In 1996, Colonel Morris retired from the army and ran for the United States Senate. He was successfully elected and when his term ended in 2002, he began preparations to run for President.

With the backing of MJ-12, Morris easily secured the Republican nomination and ran against the unpopular President Gore. He swept into the White House by a landslide and rapidly began enacting large planks of MJ-12's agenda. Most notable was his establishment of the Military Intelligence Bureau.

In the 2008 presidential elections, Morris defeated the Democratic challenger Barack Obama and entered his second term with a solid Republican majority in both House and Senate as well as a solidly conservative Supreme Court. In 2012, unable to serve a third term under the terms of the 22nd Amendment, he threw his endorsement behind fellow MJ-12 member Nick Hammond, but the Republican nomination was given to Morris's vice president, Gary Nolan. Nolan offered Hammond the VP slot and, attempting to preserve as much of MJ-12s power as possible, Hammond accepted. Morris spent the remainder of his term providing as much assistance to the MIB as possible as it prepared to become a self-funding autonomous paramilitary group; that is to say, a illegal conspiracy.