Secret Societies

Throughout both the modern and pre-modern age, right through to the far future, the world is controlled by secret societies well hidden from the eyes of the masses. Various groups, community leaders, organisations, corporations and even entire governments are all viable targets for the influence of secret societies. Each society has a significant 'mission statement' which all members work towards, and several inherent agendas that stem from it. However, there is still room for conflict between the members as to how these goals are achieved and other details, but in most cases, they are quickly resolved.

It is for this reason that the best way for one person or group to influence various factors in the world is to first influence the secret societies, absurd as it may seem. As a person gains power in a field of interest to a certain secret society, the chances of them being contacted increases. From there, playing their cards smartly can lead to prolonged contact, membership, or even a leadership position. This typically how Theta Factions manipulate multiple secret societies.

Most secret societies are officially considered terrorist groups by most governmental forces, or would be if they were known to them. However it is often the case, especially for the Illuminati, that they control the government and are relatively safe.

An organization is not a secret society if it is merely part of the hidden occult community, such as the Agency, the Cabal of Mu or the Blitzwulfen. To qualify as a true secret society, it must be a secret even from the occult community.

The Secret Societies:

Mission Statement: To establish a fair, just and prosperous universal world government under one leader.
Agenda: Governmental power, the more the better. Ensuring the stability of world affairs and prompt removal of troublemakers.
Significant Contributors: Josephine Belmont, Al Gore, Gillian O'Neil, David Harker, Several other significant political figures.
Known Conspiracies: The Whitehouse(until 2005), Downing Street.

God’s Chosen
Mission Statement: Unity, Friendship and Peace between brothers of all spiritual beliefs and practices.
Agenda: Ending religion-based conflicts. Establishing theocracies. Using magick for the good of honest folk and worshippers. Welcoming peaceful xenoforms and burning hostile ones.
Significant Contributors: Joshua Fidelius, Cardinal David Mannsfield, Imam Hameed Qureshi
Known Conspiracies: The Deluvian Church

Interest 9
Mission Statement: To drive forward technological research and development, so that one day mankind may evolve.
Agenda: Advancement of technology. Promotion of science-friendly states. Research into psychics and xenobiology. Removal of those who would oppose advancement and support of those who back it. Revision of accepted codes of ethics.
Significant Contributors: Gregor Haus, Doctor Schadenfreude
Known Conspiracies: Creation of Null and C.A.I.A.P.H.A.S

The Brotherhood
Mission Statement: Solidarity and Unity between all mankind in the face of the Xeno threat.
Agenda: Removal of all xenoforms and magick from existence, or at least Earth. Confiscation of any and all magick. magick items or fae items. Establishing autocracies, usually fascist, lead by the brotherhood or its unwitting puppets or sympathisers. Exploiting magick for mankind's own good where necessary.
Significant Contributors: Lord Malfortune, some Hashshashin
Known Conspiracies: Mole in the Agency, Occult Force Elite

Majestic 12
Mission Statement: Through both occult and conventional means, establish permanent American hegemony over the entire world.
Agenda: Weakening American-unfriendly governments, creating supersoldiers and other advanced military technology, creating American satellite states.
Significant Contributors: Sam Morris
Known Conspiracies: Military Intelligence Bureau, the Whitehouse, the US Senate, the Republican Party

Department T
While not technically a secret society, they fit all of the criteria and are listed for completeness.
Mission Statement: To maintain the status quo of time flux, and protect the interests of Great Britain.
Agenda: Stopping people meddling about with time, saving England and her colonies.
Significant Contributors: Hugh Charlesworthy
Known Conspiracies: Adolf Hitler's Demise

The Knights Templar
Mission Statement: Acrue power and influence for Baphomet and raise him up as the Lord of all Mankind.
Agenda: Gain control over international banking and through that, control over governments. Maintain secrecy and protect the Divine Lord.
Significant Contributors: Baphomet
Known Conspiracies: Heathguard Holdings.