Secret Societies 2.0

Hello all. As it stands, secret societies seem to have an assumed role and what they do, stand for and how they are implemented isn't actually discussed very well. It is also my observation that a lot of their associations don't seem to make sense, and some are much more active than others in the current cannon *coughilluminaticough*

I would like to throw this opportunity at everyone to share their thoughts. Under each category, give us some buzz words, some specific sentences, some of their conspiracies, some of their members, and some places you assume they have either infiltrated, or specifically haven't infiltrated. These don't need to be canon, they should be components that you think should be associated with them or would like to see associated with them. I want good things as well as bad things and vice versa.

Ready? Go!

I think perhaps we could consider the possibility of these organisations changing considerably in power, and possibly even direction and MO, through time; periods of interest being pre-contemporary, contemporary & Theta. I imagine these groups are big on long term plans but the world changes dramatically over the centuries and they would need to respond. They could spawn, die, merge, divide. For example, I see I9 as being a very recent contender, quite possibly not even as old as the computer and perhaps even not a true, or major, Secret Society until Theta times.

Kept the Cold War cold, created the European Union.
Control some world governments, some of the time. Currently have an Illuminatus as UK Prime Minister.
Aims to create a world goverment based in Brussels
- No! Bavaria!
- I don't think they actually *care* where the world government is seated.
Allmost no direct interaction with goverments, more old school shadowy manipulation (contrast with MJ-12)
Big on Civillity. Port-sipping Routhlessnes. Played straight what NEMISIS plays for laughs to some extent
Big on history, symbolisam, tradition. I see them as being very mason like, with signet rings and codewords and secret handshakes
Worthless Parts
Everything lies in the collective. All value. All meaning.
A perfect collective power must be achieved by any means. The individual is worthless but the whole can transcend the parts. Through improvement of the collective-self the future is shaped from within; unified thought, unified purpose.
The concentration of power in an elite is a necessity. Abuse of that power is but a demonstration of the weakness of the individual. It can however, to some degree, be tolerated as it tends to create a stability in the elite that is reflected in the world.

God’s Chosen
Under-detailed, underachieving, incoherent. Candidate for deletion?
Are these the guys who Control the Abrahammic Relgions? I like the idea ofa shadowy conspiracy behind All the Abrahamic monster hunting groups. Get confused if thats these guys or the Master Church. Maybe they know some fundamental trouth about the universe and are trying to guide the differant but fundamentally simmilar faith groups to one overall goal
As I envision it, an attempt to stop religion-based conflicts. 9-11 may have been averted thanks to their intervention.
I also envision them manipulating their beleiving masses for the purposes of lining their own pockets and placing governments to suit them. They don't necessarily put forward many or any contenders, they are happy if the governemnts fit their agendas.
Probably deeply conservative, anti-change.
Probably sympathetic to xenoforms, but anti-magick and psychic.
Are generally 'good' in a bible sense and try to steer all people they have sway with into the 'good' and obedient archetype, possibly in preperation for heaven.
Rob; you really need to write these guys some fluff. Currently they seem to be this wooly, ill-defined thing; only you seem to have any kind of handle on them.
The Spark
All the world's a stage but there is nothing mere about being a player.
The players, the agents of change, are those with freewill, those with a divine spark. True power lies in the control and proper direction of that most fundamental element of a being; the element that has choice and creates change. All value in the material realm stems from these choices and the resulting changes. Find the keys to the soul and all power is yours. Or your god's. However you roll.

Created Artificial Intelligence. Behind the creation of the computer? I have a fairly big probablem with saying they are behind the development of the first computer. Unsure what you even mean by "first computer anyway Red.
Steve Jobs is a member, as are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Bill Gates was not nor is Steve Ballmer. I see M$ slide from dominance as an I9 conspiricy. Linus Torvalds not a member either
Interest-9 stirs up both visions of gleaming high-tech future cities, and horrifying half-metal half-human monsters that constantly cry out in pain.
If I had to envision a holy grail for interest-9 it would be an evolution for all humans, controlled by interest 9.
I9 probably has a political agenda that is quite liberal, pro-knowledge and pro-free speech. It would also legislate to throw any and all ethics laws away, if it could.
It spreads the belief of progress above everything, nothing is sacred, the good of science is greater than the good of man etc.
To my mind, they own Japan and have a surprisingly large amount of power in China.
They are also interested in the 'science' of the supernatural, ie deconstructing magick to see how it works, mengele-style experiments on psychics etc. Generally pro- all supernatural, but will always consider the raw, physical world to take precedence.
Dr. Schadenfreude, Arthur McCoy are members. Definitely manipulating HACS heavily. There is certainly a high-ranking MP that is a member.
The Window
There is a window. This window is science. This window is technology. This window is the machine.
The machine works because it is understood, logical, predictable. This is the World of Order that the window shows us and the World of Order will be the only thing we see when everything is windows.
Falling out with Bill Gates was a shame. Everything was going verbatim for a while.
You dont have to cannonise the "Not Bill gates thing". I just see M$ as being all about the money, rather then all about the Science. Google on the otherhand give technological advances for free, all they ask is you become dependant on them and give them your data. Which I think is far more I9 ish. Weras apple has the Cult of Personality thing and the hardwere everyone wants in there pocket. I dunno, to me they seem more sinister. Gates is just about the money, and that makes him a little dull.

The Brotherhood
Keep the xenoforms down. Seem to at least have agents in most monster hunting groups, maybe helped create some of them?
I love that they are named after legendery humans "brother Julius" "brother Adolf" "brother Napoleon et al.
In my head George Charlesworthy cirtainly thaught along simmilar lines. Unsure if he should have some connection to the Botherhood
Desperately trying to ingfiltrate the agency, becuase there tollerent bastards impowering these hidious things to go galavanting about murdering humans.
Massive on autocracy, despotism and fascism. Likes places that have dictatorships, or elected dictatorships. Loves strong leaders, and tries to get them on side. Tries to install their own autocrats, and as such make plays in all governments.
Has many members of convenience, ie LMF and several illumnati. Agendas sometimes match up with illuminati, and they are keen to take advantage of this.
It is right to exalt the fittest; fittest within the species and fittest among the species.
Victory at any cost. The weak fuel the machinery of progress, progress marked by conquest. Humanity is not a collective but a common stock and a web of power; a web of power shared and fought over by great individuals. Through competition and conflict the future is shaped from without; exalt the self, exalt the species.

Majestic 12/ MJ-12
Created Area 51. Put a man on the moon?
Got one of their members elected as US President
Founded by Harry Trueman? Is areguably less secret then other organsations. Actually "Exists" on some level. And Can directly influance and weild the power of the various US govermental agencys. Key contrast with the Illuminati this makes them more powerfull, but ultimately more vunerable created MiB. Also created Mr Jackson (who escaped) and perhaps other Jacksonesq robots. If Aliens Exist, these guys are covering up. Else, Aliens dont exist and they use Aliens to distract from other things. Should definately have some connection to Roswell etc.
They have something to do with occult/chrono force elite, are perhaps folded into freedom force elite in the future.

The Knights Templar
Not hugely detailed and don't do much. Candidate for deletion?
I have totally forgotten about these guys
Seems a shame not to use them. I hear they really like money and really like xenos.
Perhaps a sattellite or spearhead group from some off-world big-bad?
I would totally be into seeing them making some completely sick and scary conspiracies, such as a pillar of petrified flesh that makes inhabitants of the nearest village psychic and so on.
Banks, banks, banks. They probably are in control of a proportion of the world's money.