The Sephana are a race of gods worshipped by the Chatuth and N.

Sephana are a group of Xenoforms hailing from an alternate universe that was once a glittering and prosperous realm. Around the time Atlantis and Mu were destroyed, this world was shattered by an unknown disaster. This shattered the planet into tiny bits and flung them far and wide into space in the prime universe. The resulting psychic storms that wracked their world blasted all their minds clean and left them eternally comatose. Only two sephana remained, Kaea and N. Both were on Earth at the time of the disaster witnessing the destruction of the two greatest civilizations that ever lived. Kaea escaped by building a dimensional gate to Mars, or at least where she thought was mars, and N sank with Mu. Kaea arrived in a world millions of light years away with sustained conditions similar to Earth. Unable to return to Earth, Kaea's boredom overtook her and she began to cultivate some primordial microbes she had found. Kaea's time-filler soon turned to an obsession and she worked constantly without stopping to sleep, eat or do anything else for two thousand years evolving grass, flowers, animals, and soon enough had an entire ecosystem of her own design. She formed a mountaintop castle and worked for a thousand more years evolving microbes into a race made in the image of the humans she once knew with a few alterations to suit her taste. These were known as the Chatuth. Within a few hundred years, and with Kaea's guidance, they were a mighty civilisation ruling over their planet with Kaea as their god-queen. Within a hundred more they were a united spacefaring nation. Soon enough, two other adult Sephana, Psid and Tath-Qui were located on shards of their former world, and three half-breed infants suspended in some muan ruins orbiting a nearby star which were identified as the offspring of N. Psid and Tath-Qui were elevated to God status alongside Kaea. Psid taught the Chatuth magick, and Tath-Qui taught them psychic meditation. As centuries went by, the Sephana directed their people to greatness and sired nine more children, three with the discovery of each new planet. Soon, they owned a total of four prosperous planets, each about 2/3 of earth's size and population with their older and younger gods ruling over them. At around 2068 AD, they discovered a route to Earth.

As a fully evolved (or paragon) race, Sephana are all functionally female. Sephana gametes are universally compatible and can mix with any race and any sex, however they can only physically be the partner that is impregnated and carries the child (ie the mother) without technological or ritual intervention. In the current day, it is the decree of Kaea that the Sephana must cross-breed with other races to encourage genetic diversity.

Pure-bred Sephana stand at about 8 foot tall and are gaunt with onyx black skin. Their bodies are covered with tiny pores out of which dim white light shines, giving the appearance of their bodies being covered in stars. Their eyes can be any of a red, orange, blue or green corona surrounding a slightly brighter white light. Back when Sephana were at large, it was fashionable to connect their 'stars' with glow in the dark tattoos to create constellations which would shine at night.

Half-Sephana inherit most of their outward appearances from their father race, but retain the hereditary eye coloration of the Sephana and in darkness show a sparse smattering of the Sephana 'stars'. Any supernatural or unusual appearences and abilities are intensified and mixed with the Sephana look (ie, sephana/an'taks bone plates are night blue and star-covered instead of bone, Khules' fur will be striped with black etc). As with all demigods, they are beautiful, intelligent and capable, and as with all hybrid xenoforms, they are extremely likely to manifest unusual powers and properties.

The pantheon is arranged into four major gods, and three minor gods tied to each.

Kaea, Goddess of technology, advancement and perseverence.
- Tota, Goddess of food and harvest.
- Slei, Goddess of the oceans and storms.
- Garubak, Goddess of light and stars.

Psid, Goddess of magick.
- Malek, Goddess of moons, canids and .
- Gurei, Goddess of health and family.
- Suoea, Godddess of courage and judgement.

Tath-Qui, Godess of Balance, Peace and Wisdom.
- Odane, The portal keeper.
- Pula, Goddess of physics and felines.
- Kolis, Goddess of love, passion and revenge.

N, Unknown traitor goddess.
- Keskio, Goddess of space, night and silence.
- Brice, The Shaper. Goddess of time and change.
- Harei, Goddess of decay, death and reptiles.