Seraphim Industries

Seraphim Industries is a weapons manufacturing firm founded in the early 21st century by John Seraphim, an Australian national. Seraphim Industries, as well producing top-of-the-line conventional small arms, also produced a number of highly advanced weapons that, due to action by various concerned governments, were not generally known of until the late 2020s.

In 2035, following the assassination of John Seraphim, Seraphim Industries was bought out by IOM Holdings International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial O'm.

Notable Seraphim Industry Weapons

Seraphim Industries "Wildcat" Light Pistol: A conventional semi-automatic 9mm pistol. Designed in 1997. Released in 2001.

Seraphim Industries "Cougar" Heavy Pistol: A conventional semi-automatic .44 Magnum pistol. Designed in 1998. Released in 2001.

Seraphim Industries "Leopard" Sub-Machine Gun: A conventional sub-machine gun, though of exceptionally high quality and reliability. Designed in 2000. Released in 2002

Seraphim Industries "Lion" Combat Shotgun: A semi-automatic combat shotgun of superb design, it was the "Lion" that brought Seraphim Industries to international attention. Designed in 2001. Released in 2004.

Seraphim Industries "Tiger" Assault Rifle: An exceptionally high quality assault rifle, with several innovations that would become the industry standard in the 2010s. Designed in 2003. Released in 2006 to the American military on a license allowing the American government to be the exclusive buyer for the next 10 years.

Seraphim Industries "Panther" Sniper Rifle: A high-calibre silenced sniper rifle with a highly calibrated, computerized scope. Regarded at the time as a true work of genius. Designed in 2005. Released in 2008.

Seraphim Industries "Maneki Neko" Man-Portable Rail Gun: A two-handed gun capable of firing tiny projectiles at obscene speed. Designed in 2008. Entered manufacturing in 2010, though rumours suggest use of prototypes in the field in 2009 against the Cabal of Mu.