The Sererinth are a race of xenoform that are controlled by hell. They stand at about 6 feet, but would be 8 feet if they weren't so painfully hunched over. Their skin is a lucid, boiled red-pink and every detail of underlying muscle is picked out by ridges in their flesh. Their eyes are like black pinpoints on snarling white and their tooth-filled mouths constantly drool a mildly corrosive slobber. Their black, thin tounges are completely prehensile and can reach out to about 5 feet and are covered in razor barbs. Their arms reach just past their knees and are tipped in cruel talons. A supernatural enzyme made in their hearts afford them exponential regeneration capabilities, but causes their blood to be flammable.

Most, if not all Sererinth are beings of darkness by nurture and live in a hellish dog eat dog society that worships Lucifer and is cardinaled by the fallen angel Aeraris. The most devout are granted hellish gifts, such as magickal and physical enhancements. Many of Hell's greatest warriors were once Sererinth.

The homeworld of the Sererinth is named Sheol and tales of the place were the inspiration for various circles of hell in Dante's Inferno. Sererinth only cluster in one small part of this world - a place called Cocytus. Here, vast mountains of ice and black stone permeate the landscape, and their citadel is built out of masses of black marble. Inside live most Sererinth and their lord Aeraris. This citadel is where the rebel faction bring mortals (and occasinally immortals) who hold valuable information to be interrogated and then dispatched. Sererinth are carnivorous, and in their homeworld they 'feed' from the frozen lakes by snagging fish with their tongues. In other worlds, they are happy to feed on sentient flesh, with young An'Taks being the most flavoursome. Any imps finding themselves in the path of a Sererinth are also liable to be picked up and eaten.