Sergeant Charlie Thunder

Sgt. Charles Thunder was an ex-army bounty hunter until 1948, when he was recruited into Department T of British Military Intelligence where he acted as a Team Leader for Operation H during Extended WWII. He disappeared along with the rest of Operation H when Department T was shut down by the government.

Charlie thunder was born in Warwick in 1915 during World War I. He attended a typical grammar school and was the hooker in the champion team in his fifth year. After school, he joined the army where he worked his way up to the rank of sergeant. During an excursion in occupied Norway in 1942, Thunder's right leg was blown off by a German soldier and he was later discharged from service.

Sgt. Thunder had his leg fixed with a peg and set about making money from his training as a bounty hunter, which remains his occupation up to today. He has an interest in cars and drives competitively in major motoring events.

In the days of the late noughties and early 2010s, Sergeant thunder remains a stalwart in Department T. He is one of the most experienced and well-drilled time travellers on the modern age. When Hugh Charlesworthy went missing (presumed dead) in 2010 he assumed the mantle of Temporary Commander of Department T. His balls-out style of leadership is tempered only by the careful considerations and advice of Professor Sean Smith, or is it that Smith's over-cautious style is spared the paralysis of inaction by Thunder? At this time Sgt. Thunder has over 50 years of on and off combat and time travel experience due to missions from Mr. Charlesworthy, non-occult mercenary work and occult vigilanteism, which he uses to distract himself from his Post-Traumatic Stress problems. He has had to give up these side jobs to administrate Department T full time, which has only exasperated his impulsivity and trigger-happy nature when in the field.

Tools of the Trade

Stormheart is a custom-made .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum with a polished chrome finish and mahogany stock. Sgt. Thunder is a dead shot with this particular gun. It’s most devastating uses have almost always been from a double tap at close quarters, a favourite move of the Sergeant. The Sergeant also carries a small supply of silver bullets in case of werewolf attack.

Winchester Model 1897 Pump Action Shotgun
A standard issue shotgun in common use during World War I used for when enemies are stupid enough to bundle together or for when Sergeant Thunder has greased three Nazis already. Sergeant Thunder hates reloading.

False Leg
Thunder's leg was once shot off below the knee while in action. Though he is able to travel to the future and install the most advanced bionic leg in existence, he uses an old wooden peg. The peg can't be hacked, pulsed, magnetised or ruined short of taking a saw to it. It has also been hollowed out and is stuffed with obscenely powerful futuristic plastic explosives. He carries normal timed transponders and laser trip transponders for ambushes. It also contains a spare desert eagle and clip in case of capture. Finally, its end comes away to reveal a pointed tip for staking vampires.

Iron Wrench
Old cars are a passion of Sergeant Thunder, and he often spends time fiddling with them. In other news he also has an old iron pipe wrench for hitting people in the face with.